Another Disappointing Loss

It was another disappointing loss in Petco Park as the Dodgers suffered a one walk catastrophe in the 11th inning.  I would like to thank Veronica for the fantastic pictures.  Petco is a beautiful stadium.  It seems to be carved into the cityscape of San Diego.

It was a record breaking outing for Alex Wood which was marred by this sad loss.  He was able to strike out a career-high 13 strikeouts before he was taken out and replaced by the wrecking crew known as our bullpen.

My buddy Veronica and her husband took the trip out to San Diego’s Petco Park hoping for a win.  It is a bit of a drive there, over 2 hours for her, but Dodger fans tend to be true blue no mater what happens.  The above is the starting lineup.

There was Dodger Blue everywhere.

She was able to find a nice souvenir in the gift shop. 

Batting practice.  It looks like she had some great seats.
The Padres fans have great respect for our Vin Scully as many baseball fans do.
It was a pitchers game, Alex Wood pitching a gem.  I know that when it is a pitchers’ duel, it can be boring.  I can deal with that but when the game goes to extra innings and the Dodgers can’t pull it off, it can be devastating to those of us who do stay to the end.

The Padres had scored first in the 6th inning with a Matt Kemp sacrifice fly scoring Jon Jay. 0-1.

Trayce hit a two run homerun scoring Adrian Gonzalez in the 7th inning which should have been enough to win the game.  2-1.

However when Alex Wood was taken out and Adam Liberatore sent in to relieve, Amarista hit a sacrifice fly scoring Derek Norris tying the game.  2-2.  There went Wood’s chances for winning the game.

With the score tied, the game went into extra innings.  Usually by this time, as many of you Dodger fans know, everyone is ready to go home.  And if the game is not at home and you have a long drive home, it’s even worse.  Apparently no one left as every fan hoped his team could pull it off.  You would not expect last place Padres to be the victor.  But then newly brought up reliever Chin-hui Tsao made their dreams come true by loading up the bases in the 11th inning.  Nothing can be more disappointing than  watching your team allowing  a walk off walk to win the game.  It’s already beyond sad to lose in an extra innings game but to lose in this way is truly miserable.

I have lamented the bullpen for a long time now.  I don’t like to question the decisions of the Dodger management but why was Tsao left in the game to flounder and lose the game?  There has to be something done about the bullpen.  Everyone tells me that there are little choices out there for a good reliever.  Brandon McCarthy had another setback in his rehab.  Ryu will most likely be ready in June.  Friars also will be ready to come back.  But meanwhile back at the ranch, the Dodgers are losing key games.  After allowing bases loading walks,  why keep Tsao in the game?  It was inevitable that the Dodgers could not win with him pitching.   Why wasn’t Kenley brought in to finish the game off?

Today is the final game in the series with the Padres.  It would be sad for the Dodgers to be swept by last place Padres.  Padres pitcher Colin Rea has something to prove.  He is trying to stay as the 5th starter when Cashner returns to the rotation.  Rea, 3-2, ERA 4.37, has been doing well.  Maeda, 3-3, ERA 2.87, has had a couple of rough outings.  His start was amazing but something happened and his ERA 5.82 in his last 4 starts.  

Trayce Thompson’s huge 2 run homerun should have ended in a big celebration at the end of the game but it only kept the Dodgers from being shut out.

A scary note:  Yasmani Grandal left the game limping after fouling a ball off his ankle.  X-rays were negative.  He probably will be day to day;  AJ starts on Sunday.

The Dodgers are now in 3rd place in the NL West.  They have lost 4 games in a row.  When they return to Dodger Stadium on Monday they will face last place Cincinatti Reds in a 3 game series.  

Everyone has been wondering when Julio Urias would be brought up from minors.  I doubt that will happy anytime soon.  The fact that the owners did not sign good starting pitchers has become very glaring at this point.  Kudos to them for not trading away our young kids for a temporary fix however.  I guess you can’t have it all. 

Kike’s quote on Twitter says it all on how the Dodgers are coping with the losses:  “Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”-John Wooden.

The Dodgers return on Monday…can’t wait to see you guys.  I miss them when they are on the road.   It will be a hectic 3 days with giveaways on 2 of those days, one being Adrian Gonzalez bobble head day on Tuesday, Dodgers neck pillow on Monday.  Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to be on the field to show Trayce my Trayce tee shirt.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hoping for a win today so the weekend won’t be a total loss.  GO DODGERS!!!  We love you and support you no matter what.  Thank you Veronica for the amazing pictures.  Hope to see you soon.  Dodger fans…never give up hope.  Stay TRUE BLUE!!!

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