Setting Records

Every time Clayton Kershaw pitches, it seems he sets a record.  This already is a phenomenal season for him.  On Tuesday, he pitched his 6th straight game striking out 10 or more with one or no walks which is a MLB record.
It also was another short game: 2 hours and 12 minutes.  It was the last game of the home stand so we all appreciated the length of the game.  The game the night before was a horrendous 4 hours.  We all thanked Clayton.

It was another giveaway day, this time a functional Dodgers doormat shaped like home plate.  There was surprisingly few fans lined up to get in.  When I got down to the field I was pleasantly surprised to see Mike Bolsinger already with the team.  He is to be activated from DL on Wednesday to pitch against the Angels at Angel Stadium.  Since I am so adept at taking pictures of backs, here is one of Mike with catching coach Steve Yaeger.
I also noticed Kenta Maeda with his translator Will.  Will must think that this is the best job he has ever had.
I always wonder what the guys are talking about:  baseball…families…guy talk?
Of course I focused on Mike.  I have been waiting for him to be activated from DL.  We had not seen him since spring training after being sidelined with an oblique strain.

Dave Roberts was kind enough to sign for some fans.  

The guys were in a hurry to attend a meeting so they rushed by, a few saying hi.  Hi Charlie.

Everyone was in a hurry except Kenta Maeda who is always besieged by the Japanese media.  He always politely talks to all of them.  I said hi to translator Will as they rushed by.

Mike Scioscia the manager of the Angels was having a discussion with Orel Hersheiser.  He was right next to the Dodger dugout.  Dodger fan Jo kept changing from her Dodger blue to Angels red to keep everyone happy.  Mike looked our way when we called him and showed his displeasure when he noticed she was wearing Dodger blue.

Mike stopped to give me a big hug.  He rushed in right after that without signing or talking to anyone.  And then we took a selfie together.  He took the picture.   I was so excited!!  He was back.

When I went up to the club, I was still too excited to eat.  The fare was beef brisket with bourbon sauce, chicken and eggplant pasta.  
My little friend Grayson was dressed in Angel attire because he is a big fan of Mike Trout.  He was able to snag an autograph from him.  I have seen Grayson grow up from little guy to a polite young man.  I can even forgive him for wearing the enemy color.  How adorable is Grayson??
I almost missed seeing Clayton Kershaw making his way across the field.
AJ was catching Clayton.  I think Clayton feels more comfortable with his best friend catching.
And Clayton went through his usual pre game workout 

Clayton somehow seems to get better and better if that can be possible.
Everyone else came out.  All eyes on Trayce.  Trayce Thompson has been a phenomenon.  There is talk that he will be sent back to minors.  How can that be??  He should be starting.  His defense may not be the best but his offense is one of the best on the team.  He is keeping up with home runs with the others who are playing everyday.
Is it my imagination or has Justin Turner trimmed his beard?  Maybe he’s trying to look more like his chia pet.
The trio of Seager-Thompson-Pederson is lighting up the boards with home runs.  They are hitting 2 a night lately, each taking turns.
It’s extremely annoying to me that fans still are critical of Joc.  What does he have to do?  He has taken time to sign a few autographs a game which makes the fans happy.  I would rather he concentrate on the game anyway.
Justin definitely looks neater.  Uh oh, who is that in that background photobombing this picture?  A Dodger consorting with the enemy?
National Anthem
What a magnificent view!!

Kike and Justin

Joc signing a few balls
Puig loving his trainer
He saw some friends 
By now my heart is usually pounding.  Clayton’s walk across the field usually gives me goose bumps.
Yasiel signed for the fans after giving me a hug.  A two hug day for me.  Lucky me.
He has an interesting pattern shaved on his head.  Not sure what it means.
Before the game, my buddy Norma gave me some cute Dodger shoes.  I love them.
I hurried back to my seat in time for the first pitch.

Mike Trout is always booed by Dodger fans.  He was unable to even get one hit from Kershaw.
Trout got back at Clayton by nailing him on third when he was trying to run two bases from first on a Chase Utley single.  We all know that Clayton isn’t the fastest runner.  I didn’t even know that Clayton knew how to slide but the whole play was scary.  However that was distracting enough that Chase was able to hustle to 2nd base allowing him to eventually score tying the game. 1-1.  Trout dropped Turner’s foul ball enabling the run.  This was only Trout’s second catching error since Sept 2014.

Kershaw started out a little shaky but as usual was able to get it going.  In the top of the 2nd inning, The Angels scored first. 0-1.  It could have been worse but Clayton was able to get out of the jam.  The Angels had been riding on a 4 game winning streak but struck out 11 times and could never even draw a walk.  Clayton called his pitching “pretty average.”  

Jered Weaver didn’t have his best stuff.  The Dodgers were able to adjust to his lower velocity by the second time around.

Joc hit a 2 run home run in the 4th inning scoring Howie, breaking the tie. 3-1.

Time for a little prickly pear Italian ice.  I knew we would be celebrating later on.

There is always a little cutie at the game.
Corey hit a solo homerun in the 7th inning adding an insurance run.  4-1.
In the 8th inning, Joc hit his second homerun to center field making the score 5-1.  The pitcher was AJ Achter so he had hit the 2 home runs against two different pitchers.
It was the 9th inning.  Everyone was waiting to see who would close.  The team was on their feet with excitement.
Of course, it would be our closer Kenley Jansen.
The infielders and outfielders were all ready
……especially Joc.
The final score was 5-1, another stellar performance by Clayton Kershaw with all the run support he needed.  There has been a lot of buzz about the Dodgers 3 young homerun hitters:  Joc, Corey, Trayce…all roommates with Ross Stripling.  They are all taking turns hitting multiple home runs.  The Dodgers are still tied for second place, 1.5 games behind the Giants.  The Giants have a 6 game winning streak, the Rockies a 5 game winning streak.  

These are always my favorite pictures to take.  

Wednesday the Dodgers will be at Angel stadium continuing the Freeway Series in Anaheim.  My favorite Mike Bolsinger, 2.25 ERA in triple A,will be making his 2016 debut.  He will be facing Nick Tropeano 1-2, ERA 3.68.  The Dodgers will be using a 6 man pitching rotation giving them extra rest.  I wish I could be there but I will be back at work.  

It has been a long home stand but it has been good.  Baseball season is long but ever changing.  There are winning streaks, losing streaks, times when nothing seems to go right.  But we are all Dodger fans no matter what happens.  We all support our guys no matter what.  We cry, we laugh, we suffer with them.  We celebrate the wins and lament over the losses but we will always be there the next day.

Thanks for stopping by.  Special hello to my buddies Veronica and Yoshiko.  Thank you for all your encouragement.  My blog would not be possible without you.  GO DODGERS!  GO MIKE!!  

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