A Long and Difficult Game

Monday’s game was the second to the last game in a long home stand.  It would prove to be not only very long (4 hours) but extremely difficult to watch.

Batting practice was nothing unusual.  The crowd was not bad since it wasn’t a giveaway day.  The stands were packed with Angels fans.
The relief pitchers were all in good moods
Everyone seemed to be in a good place
We got a wave or two from them
Is it a bird, is it a plane…..?
They all went in for a meeting early.  By the time we were allowed to go to the dugout, everyone was already in.  There was a professional autograph seeker who lined up all his pictures and bobble heads to sign but there were no players left outside. I wonder if that chases the players away.  Obviously this fan sells what he gets.

I went up to the club to eat.  The fare was made up of porcetta which looked a lot like carnitas, Tuscany turkey  meatballs, a Brussels sprouts dish, lentil and couscous salads.

I had a nice conversation with Kenny Landreaux before I went back down to the field.

Cutie Klayton was all personality but looked like he was ready to run on the field.
Sportsnet was interviewing Trayce.  What a guy.  So nice.
Orel was talking to Scott Kazmir.
Yasmani did his usual workout
Stared at me for a while
He must have seen something interesting over the fence

Kenta Maeda, the starting pitcher, came out next to stretch and throw some practice pitches.  He looked my way a few times.

The first fielder-infielder to come out was Trayce.  Usually it’s Chase.  All eyes were on Trayce.
Rod Carew was to throw out the first pitch.  Everyone was eager to talk to him.
Kenta went into the bullpen so we concentrated on watching Trayce.
Little did we know that this talented 25 year old rookie would be responsible for the only Dodger runs during the game.  Now why is it that he doesn’t play in more games??
Howie and Joc went over to the dark side and gave them a lot of love.
It just doesn’t seem that the guys looking my way were very happy during the National Anthem
Trayce is keeping that shaved head look.  In fact it appears that both Howie and Carl also like that look

And Trayce, to everyone’s delight, signed autographs.  
There didn’t appear to be that many people in the stands.  It was beginning to get cold.
Rod Carew threw out the first pitch.  He is recovering from a major heart attack.
Yaz and Kenta was having a last minute conversation with the help of translator Will.  I wonder if something was lost in the translation since this was the second not-so-good game for Maeda.
Corey Seager signed autographs and posed for pictures with the fans.
The managers and umpires 
The kids got their autographs and the game was ready to start
First pitch
Mike Trout is always a little scary.  He is just that good.
The Dodgers scored first in the second inning with Carl hitting a base hit scoring Joc. 1-0.
Kenta then singled scoring Trayce. 2-0
Kenta put on his jacket while on 1st base to keep his arm warm.
The Angels answered with a run in the third inning. 2-1.  Then Mike Trout singled scoring Petit and Escobar. 2-3.   Pujols singled scoring Calhoun. 2-4.  Suddenly the Dodgers were behind which was the story for the rest of the night.

It just wasn’t Kenta’s night.  Rick Honeycutt came out to the mound to make sure everything was ok with him.
In the bottom of the 4th inning, Trayce hit a solo homerun making the score a little tighter.  3-4.
Kenta was taken out after only 4 innings of work.

In the 7th inning Pujols singled in Escobar and Calhoun.  Of course there was a lot of argument on the Angels part. 3-6.
The Dodgers just seemed to be getting deeper in a hole with Pedro Baez giving the Angels batting practice.

By the top of the 8th inning, I was ready to leave.  It wasn’t entirely the Dodgers’ fault.  An Angels fan sitting behind me decided to throw up a nasty smelling mess consisting of a lot of alcohol and whatever he ate.  It was disgusting.  The Angels fan refused to show his ID or give any information to the paramedics who came to help him.  This whole situation reminded me too much of work.

Even Duke didn’t look that happy
He is a little camera shy.
Just wishing and hoping for a run.
The great hope was Trayce who clobbered another huge homerun…his second of the night, repeating what Corey Seager had done the night before against the Cardinals.   Again, the two home runs weren’t enough, the score finally being 6-7.
The game lasted 4 hours.  Each minute was excruciating to watch.  I have to admit I was already on my way home.  When I left my seat to go to the other side of the stadium, I noticed that besides the drunk sitting behind me, there were many others who had too much to drink.  I was afraid to leave when they all left so I thought I had better hit the road before they did.  The crowd was loud and annoying.  Since the game had lasted so long, they had way too much to drink.

There was one positive to take away from the game.  Trayce was magnificent.  When Dave Roberts was asked whether he would start Tuesday, the answer was yes.  A scary note…Adrian left the game with a sore back.  He is day to day.

A huge positive for me…my Mike Bolsinger is finally back and off DL.  He will pitch at Angel Stadium on Wednesday as the 6th starter.  He has been on DL since Spring Training in March.  I have to work or I would definitely be there as much as I dislike Angel Stadium.  The only positive of that stadium is the Oakley Store.  I have lost my car every time I have gone there.  The parking lots are not marked so after it gets dark, it’s very difficult to find where you are parked.

Today Clayton Kershaw will pitch.  The game will probably be short.  The game lasted only a few minutes over 2 hours his last start.  It’s been a very long home stand.  The Angels pitcher will be Jered Weaver who has not been very good this season.  The Dodgers need a win.  They are down to 3rd place.  The Giants have taken over first place in the division with a 5 game winning streak.  The Rockies have a 4 game winning streak.  The Dodgers have a 2 game losing streak.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully it will be better news today.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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