Beating the Birds

If the Dodgers can pull off a win Sunday, they will have finally swept those dastardly Cardinals.  Today’s game resulted in a win for pitcher Scott Kazmir, a save for Kenley and a magnificent 3 hit game for Corey Seager. It was a great victory.

The day was gorgeous.  It was clear with a slight breeze.  It was a typical California day.
The traffic was strangely busy for a Saturday afternoon especially around downtown Los Angeles.   It took longer than usual to get to the Stadium, a little over an hour. The game started an hour early which was a good thing since I had to work at midnight after the game.

It was another giveaway day, this time a replica of Dodger Stadium. Of course the scanners at the gate weren’t working so they had to bring the hand scanners out.  I finally got down to the seats to watch batting practice. It was in full swing.  Kenta was putting his translator Will through the paces as usual.
They were all wearing special tee shirts promoting all kinds of baseball for kids.  I want one of those.

There was Yasiel running through the camera crew.

It’s a challenge trying to figure out who they are without their numbers or names on their backs. Actually I don’t have a problem. However some fans I know are constantly calling them by their wrong names even when the names or numbers are on their backs. The little guy pictured  is Dave Roberts’ son.

Adam Liberatore signed for some fans.  I have no autographs on my ball. I guess I’m not really into it. I stayed where I was. I bet these fans have no idea who this player is.

The first Dodger I saw going into the dugout  was Ross Stripling. He was drinking something and all I could think of was how thirsty I was! I saw him drink several cup fulls while I stared at him. 
Kike has been into signing lately.

Kenta Maeda also stopped.  Hi Will! He seemed to like being acknowledged.

Steve Yaeger the catching coach was having a discussion with Ron Cey.

JP stopped to say hi before running in to the meeting

I went up to the Club to eat.  They had grilled chicken and an asparagus pasta.  The salad was a nice combination of arugula,  kale and cactus, very healthy.
Some cute kids  waiting for autographs.

Ziggy Marley was performing a concert on top of the dugout so all the equipment, speakers, PR people, technical advisors, etc were in our way.  I couldn’t see Yaz or Scott stretching.  I was not happy. I hate a break in routine.

I had to peer around the equipment to see Yaz at all

All I could see was Ziggy and group.

My friends were early which is really different. Norma is usually working late. There is beautiful niece Jennifer.

Our view was pretty much  blocked.  I had to hold my camera up over the equipment to get any shots without wires or car parts in the way.

We were able to see glimpses of Scott warming up.
We also were able to see Chase through the carts and electrical equipment.
The kids were afraid the players wouldn’t sign because everything was in the way.

Joc signed but he had to maneuver his way through the equipment.  So did Carl but it was a mess.

I really had problems taking pictures.  I couldn’t wait until they took Ziggy and company off the field.
There he goes at last.
It looks like Yaz has new catching equipment.   Scott and Yaz walked across the field to the dugout.

The young fans were afraid Corey wouldn’t sign.  But he did come and  sign  as he usually does.

Puig signed a gigantic baseball
…the Dodger Stadium replica
…a ticket
…..a hat
….a ball….and then gave me my hug. I love my daily hug from Yasiel.
Everyone was happy including me despite everything.

The guys ran out to the field eager to beat the Cardinals.
Then Scott threw out the first pitch.  He pitched a gem of a game, going 8 2/3 innings, pitched 120 pitches.  It was his best outing yet for the Dodgers. 

In the 4th inning Adrian Gonzalez hit a solo homerun. 1-0. I was excited for him.

The Cardinals answered with a run in the top of the 5th inning tying the score. 1-1.

Corey hit a solid single scoring Carl Crawford in the 5th inning. 2-1

Gonzalez showed patience with his 12 pitch at-bat in the 5th making the score 3-1 by a ground out single scoring Chase Utley. That at-bat was what brought Martinez’s pitch count so high, he had to come out of the game. I went up to the club after that. There was a long line at the bathroom…everyone had waited to see how that are-bat would play out. My camera battery died after that.

The Red Birds definitely were not happy.
However baby Klayton  was happy how the game was going. He giggled over that last play.
Corey hit a solo homerun in the 7th inning making the score 5-1.
Man, did you say fast ball or slider???

Scott had different approaches to “How to bunt,” including the flying bunt. What an effort.

But he leaped over home plate scoring in the 5th inning which probably gave him a thrill giving himself run support.
Scott stayed in to pitch in the 9th almost making a complete game trying to give the bullpen rest but Hazelbaker homered scoring two.  5-3 which changed Dave’s mind.

Time for the big guns….Kenley Jansen.

We breathed a sigh of relief.

What to do while Kenley warms up….chat it up. Tell jokes. Gossip.

This is excitement time for us.  
Last pitch…..”I Love LA!” Sweet music!

It was a fantastic game.  The Dodgers have won 2 games and need only to win tomorrow to sweep.  The Cardinals have always been tough to beat.  The Dodgers have won 3 games in a row and have suddenly become a strong offensive team.

Sunday it will be Alex Wood 4.58, 1-3 meeting Mike Leake 5.10, 1-3.  It should be an interesting matchup.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!  Beat the Red Birds.!!!

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