It’s All About Stripling

Finally Ross Stripling was able to get his first major league win on Friday night.  It wasn’t even his best showing but the Dodger offense was strong and the Cardinals made 4 errors which the Dodgers capitalized on.
I didn’t really think that the Dodgers could beat the Cardinals since there always have been issues with them in the playoffs.  The two Matts:  Holliday and Carpenter always have been problematic.  I didn’t realize at the time that the Cardinals had a big Achilles heel:  pesky errors that have plagued them all season.  The Cardinals shortstop Diaz alone made 3 on Friday night.

The day started out a little warm.  The Dodgers had already finished their stretching and were in the middle of shagging balls.
Dave Roberts signed a few bobble heads and baseballs.
Corey was batting
Clayton, Chase, Dave 
Meanwhile Maeda was making his translator Will keep up with his pace.  I have never seen any translator work as hard as Will.
Kike signed at the dugout.

I was excited to go up to the Club to eat.  I was surprised to see Yoshiko and Doug so early.  She had told me that she was wearing a Cardinals shirt so I told her please don’t let it be red.  I loved the shirt

The salads were delicious as usual

I was looking forward to poke (a wonderful Hawaiian dish made up of sashimi, seaweed, spices) but was disappointed that it was just sashimi (raw fish) and not true poke.  They had dishes of cucumber, green onion, diced tomato plus some sriracha.  It was a kind of make your own poke.  Doug told me just to think of it as sashimi.  It actually was pretty good if you look at it that way.  The fish was a little warm.  I shouldn’t have expected more than that.  It’s not like the Club was a Japanese restaurant.
I decided I really liked Yoshiko’s shirt.  Her son had bought it for her back east while visiting colleges and universities.
I was surprised to see AJ catching since Yaz had such a great day on Thursday.  I never know what Dave Roberts is thinking when he decides the starting lineup.

Maybe he can read my mind because it sure appears that he is giving me these hard looks. Gulp!!!

Ross Stripling still had not had a win.  He was facing Texas A&M classmate, Michael Wacha.

He went through his stretching and running.

Trayce Thompson was the first of the others to come out.
Then Corey
Joc gave us a big smile as he came out to stretch.
Corey and Trayce played some catch while Joc supervised
Joc signed a few autographs before he went back into the dugout.  He has started to sign little by little again.
Trayce took a few swings of his bat.
Puig came out running.  He has a shirt that says “Puig Not Late.”  That makes me giggle.

National Anthem.  Is there a more beautiful stadium than our Dodger Stadium?
Trayce is still getting his head shaved.
Justin Turner came out right after the National Anthem
Kike and Justin played a little catch
Yasiel came over to sign autographs and to give me my daily hug.
AJ was still giving Ross pointers all the way back to the dugout
The home plate umpire seemed to have problems with strikes and balls during the game
Honorary batgirl was Melissa Stockhoff, a cancer survivor,  picked from many applications by a panel including pitcher Scott Kazmir.
Trayce signed for one of the kids who took the field

When I went to my seat I was pleasantly surprised to see the twins Klayton and Duke sitting next to me.  Their parents drive 4 hours to get to Dodger Stadium.

And then….the first pitch.
Michael Wacha
It was a good night for the Dodgers and not so good for the Cardinals.  Wacha allowed 6 runs (2 earned) in 4 innings.  They committed  4 errors which facilitated the Dodger win.  They had 4 unearned runs. Neither pitcher actually had a great night.

The player of the game was Yasiel Puig.  He had been slumping badly but we all knew that he would break out of it.  Yasiel went 3 for 5 with 2 RBI’s and a huge homerun.

It didn’t seem to bode well for the Dodgers in the first inning when the Cardinals were able to score first. 0-1 with Corey making a throwing error.  But in the bottom of the second inning Trayce hit a two run single, scoring Adrian and Yasiel making the score 2-1.

Ross Stripling was able to hit a single, his first major league hit.

Howie Kendrick hit a ground ball single scoring Trayce, Ross to third. 3-1.

In the 3rd inning, Joc doubled in Adrian Gonzalez. 4-1.

In the 4th inning, Diaz hit a solo homerun making the score 4-2.

Stripling was able to score on a fielding error by Matt Carpenter with Justin going to first. 5-2.

In the 4th inning Yasiel singled with Justin going to 2nd and Howie going home. 6-2.
In the top of the 5th  inning Molina grounded out but Piscotty scored making the score 6-3.

Justin was able to reach first on an error by Diaz scoring Howie, Corey to 3rd. 7-3.

In the top of the 6th inning,  a wild pitch by Stripling scored Kolten Wong.  7-4.  It was becoming obvious that Ross should be taken out of the game.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Yasiel hit a solo homerun, the final run of the game. 8-4.
It was a breakout game for Yasiel with a homerun and an RBI single.  Trayce again was a huge positive driving in two runs.  The Cardinals helped the cause with their 4 errors.  Ross Stripling had his first MLB win and his first MLB hit.  

In Saturday’s game against the Cardinals, our Scott Kazmir ERA 5.54, 2-3 will face Carlos Martinez ERA 2.61, 4-2.  Hopefully we can pull off another win.  The key for the Dodgers will be to get hits so the Cardinals can make more errors.

Thanks for stopping by.  

A special hello to friends Ashlyn (remember her experience with Corey) and gorgeous mom Cathy

I downloaded the Sports Illustrated on my IPad so I could read the Vinny article.  In this day and age you don’t have to go out and look for an issue of a magazine.

A special hi to my good friends Tonio and Silvia.  Please pray for Tonio and his fight against cancer.  You are a strong, kind  soul, Silvia.


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