When Dreams Come True

Thursday’s game was only 2 hours and 13 minutes but it was a game that broke records, made dreams come true and also reinforced the fact that Kershaw is phenomenal.
The picture of Clayton above is my favorite of all the pictures I took Thursday.  I was flattered when someone saw me taking pictures, wanted to see the last one I had taken and asked me if I do weddings and whether I was a professional photographer.  Haha far from it.   Clayton seems to be agreeing…what are you kidding??

I thought at first there was no batting practice when I got into the stadium but it turned out that the guys were just late coming out so we were able to watch them going through their stretching routine before batting practice. Again you can see how good I am at taking pictures of their backs.

Their strength trainer put them through some rigorous exercises.
They all were out there including starting pitchers.  The only one I didn’t see out there was starting pitcher for the day Clayton Kershaw.

Time for shenanigans.  Kenta was surprised when giant closer Kenley Jansen came up between his legs.  That’s funny in any language.
Everyone watched out for Kenley after that.
Then time for a little sprinting for the relievers.  When do they ever have to run except when they are called from the bullpen?
Then it was time for the actual batting practice.
Wait…Here it comes.  Mine!!  Wait, no you’re the translator.  I think I’m supposed to get it.
I think maybe Will the translator was supposed to get that.  What do you think guys?  
Time to go back into the clubhouse for another meeting.

But first a little discussion with AJ.  Will is an enigma.  He is Kenta Maeda’s translator but carries a glove, dresses in uniform, runs with him, plays catch with him.  He’s more like a close buddy.

Hi Manny.  Hi Charlie.

Another great back-of-the-head view.

Trayce Thompson came by to say hey.  I told him I had been watching his brother Klay play in a game on tv the night before.  I also told him he was my favorite player.  I ordered a special custom shirt from ZinoFresh which will have his name on it.  I am very happy with their custom shirts.  No one else at the stadium has the same shirt and I get many compliments.  Trayce is always nice and very adorable.

AJ obviously wasn’t starting although best friend Clayton Kershaw was pitching.  That’s unusual but obviously Dave Roberts has a plan.

I went up to the Club to try to fit eating into my busy schedule.   The game itself is a small part of my game day as you can see.  The food was again amazing.  The Tika Masala was delicious.
An added bonus was beef fajitas served up by chef Brandon.  They were so good I had to eat 2.  The guacamole and pico de gallo made the difference.

I was excited because my friend Ashlyn was at the game with her friend.  Ashlyn had gotten the tickets as a birthday present for her friend.  Ashlyn is the daughter of my other friend Cathy Boone whom I work with.  Sheesh, did you get all that???   Anyway we had plans.

Her dream was to be close enough to Corey Seager so he could hear her yell at him.  Let’s see what happens.
Maybe we can get Alanna and Nomar to announce what happens on Sportsnet.
Cameras were ready.
Yasmani and Clayton came out to the field to stretch, run and throw.
Clayton went through his regular routine which never ever changes.
Yaz also went through his usual moves.
And then Clayton went into the bullpen to focus on pitching.
Then first player out to stretch appeared.  It’s always 37 year old Chase Utley who is first.  He is intense all the time.
Then Yasiel and Joc came out to the field.  By then Ashlyn was ready to pass out from excitement.  A minute turned into an eternity for her.
Kike came out next.  

And then finally Corey.

They ran, stretched, threw the ball.  Meanwhile Ashlyn was dying a thousand deaths waiting.  I gave her explicit instructions on what to do, where to stand, how to act which I knew inequivacably that she did not hear..
National Anthem time while Scott Kazmir  stared at me.  
A little more running.  And Corey thought he would tease Ashlyn a little more with some stretchy band exercises.
Jon SooHoo came by and took a picture of us.  Thank you Jon for the picture.
Yasmani and Clayton made their way down the field.  Of course we were all excited as we always are when Clayton pitches.  He is magic.
Aaron Bruno, lead singer of AWOLNATION threw out the first pitch.  He practiced at great length.
Then the time had finally come…oh actually it was Yasiel who first came out to the fans.  He always signs.  He stopped to give me a kiss and hug.  Love him so much.
Cute kids Ki and Neziahh were able to snag Puig autographs.  Now how do you spell those names???
And then the moment came, the moment that Ashlyn had long dreamed about.  I was playing fairy godmother, a role I love.

I told Ashlyn that Corey seems to be enjoying the picture as much as she is.

She was sure to snag an autograph from him.  Thank you Robert for the ball since Ashlyn did not come prepared.  Little did she know her dreams were going to come true.

The day had already been over-the-top wonderful for me even before the game.

Clayton threw out the first pitch.  Striiiiike!
We got through the top of the first inning without the Mets scoring.  Things already were looking up since that seems to be the danger point for the Dodgers lately.

In the bottom of the first inning, suddenly the Dodger bats came alive.  

Justin Turner singled scoring Chase Utley.  1-0.
Yasmani hit a huge 3 run homerun scoring Justin and Corey. 4-0.  This was Yaz’s second homerun in as many days. 
Chase Utley hit a solo homerun in the second inning. 5-0.  Chase is 10 for 20 off Mets pitcher Colon.
It took Colon a few innings to figure the Dodgers out but by then the damage was done with the two home runs at the bottom of the first inning.

Kershaw pitched a complete game, his second shutout of the season.  Did I say that Clayton sets records every time he pitches?  He reclaimed the most strikeouts this season, topping Max Scherzer with 13 strikeouts.  He has had double digits in strikeouts with no more than 1 walk in each of 5 starts which sets an MLB record. His ERA is now 1.74.  Is he on the way to the Cy Young this year?  I have watched him pitch many times but I am still in awe of him.

I’m sure that the other Dodgers feel the same way.  The bullpen was able to rest which was a definite relief.  The game was fast, just over 2 hours so everyone could go home early and rest.

The ice cream was especially good because of the win.

And Clayton pitched his heart out as he always does in every game.  Everyone was on their feet by this time.  Ninth inning, 2 outs, 2 strikes.

And then they played my favorite song “I LOVE LA.”

I want to thank Ashlyn for making this day so special.  

Today the Dodgers will face another formidable team, the Cardinals.  The starting pitchers will be Ross Stripling  3.82, 0-2 for the Dodgers and Michael Wacha 3.12 ERA with 2-3 win loss.  It should be a good matchup.  I hope the Dodger bats are still alive tonight.

I’m kind of excited because they are serving Poke in the club today.  Hmmm.  Not sure how much baseball fans will like sushi.  More for me.

Thanks for stopping by.  Not sure how anything could top the wonderful day I had Thursday.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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