Walk Off Trayce

I have to confess, never in a million years did I ever predict this Dodger win over the Mets.  I had resigned myself to a second loss since Monday’s loss was so resoundingly depressing.  And to top it off, it was a HUGE WALKOFF HOMERUN by one of my favorites:  Trayce Thompson.  It was the first walkoff homerun by the Dodgers since 2013.
But back to the beginning.  At best Alex Wood, our starting pitcher on Tuesday, has been inconsistent.  But Alex pitched a gem, most probably his best start for the Dodgers going 6 1/2 innings and only allowing 2 runs, one unearned.  And Jacob deGrom has only allowed a total of 4 runs in 4 starts against the Dodgers.  So that painted the picture for Tuesday’s game.  

My baseball day started as usual with batting practice.  The guys were running sprints and shagging balls.  The pitchers were working on throwing the ball.
Of course I focused on my favorite Maeda.
And Clayton…a couple of his classic poses.
Maeda challenged his translator to some intense running.  If nothing else, his translator will stay in great shape.
Always a pleasure to see Charlie Culberson
Catching coach Steve Yeager gave me a ball complete with Dodger grass stains.  I really don’t have a collection of balls like many people do.  I know of one fan who has 500 balls.  Where does one put 500 balls???
So nice to see Andre Ethier who is walking well without crutches.  He told me he was feeling much better.

Justin Turner signed a few autographs which is an unusual event.

Kike also signed a couple which also is not an everyday occurrence.  Note his cute man bun.  He told me his puppy Arizona is doing well, happy that his ma and paw are back from Canada.
Yasiel wasn’t all smiles but he did sign autographs which he usually does.

Ross Stripling always has a smile for us.

Kenta is always surrounded by the Japanese media.  He always says hi to me as he runs by.  There are so many demanding fans who want something from him that he has become a little fearful.  He is too polite to refuse so as a result he hurries.  When his English is a little better, it will be better.

It was a good time to go up to the club to eat.  Here is the salad buffet.  The Caesar salad was delicious.

The ancho chicken was juicy and tasty, probably one of their best chicken dishes ever.

They also served char siu pork with baby bok choy.  

They usually serve a pasta, this time one with shrimp.  The food was especially delicious.

The vegetable dish was asparagus, cauliflower and red peppers.

The salads are always satisfying and colorful, a vegetarian’s delight.
Back on the field, Yaz was getting ready for stretching and warming up.  He hydrates with his pink drink.

He stretched and ran a little.

Alex Wood was already by the bullpen.  He must have come up through the underground tunnel.  He played toss the ball in the air a few times.
And threw a few practice pitches before going into the bullpen.
I could see Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom in the distance doing pretty much the same thing.
Chase Utley as usual was the first Dodger to come out to stretch. 
Corey wasn’t too far behind.
Joc and Carl completed the group.

Justin and Yasiel came on the field later on.

Good to see my friends arrive early.  Norma usually is working and oftentimes arrives late.  
National Anthem.  As usual someone is looking at me….hi Scott.

Time for a little more stretching

Corey came to the fans to sign autographs.  He gave me one of his dazzling smiles.  I haven’t gotten many autographs this season so far.  I guess I’m not into it.
I almost missed seeing Yaz and Alex, I was so busy looking at Corey. His eyes are hypnotizing.
The umpires always trying to figure out how to make the Dodgers miserable
We all know their interpretation of the strike zone, right Scott?
Pedro knows.
First pitch and we’re off.  Thank goodness the first pitch wasn’t a homerun nightmare like the night before.
Alex had a magnificent game with only one earned one, nine strikeouts, 102 pitches before being relieved in the 7th inning.

Chase Utley doubled in the first inning.  It was a complete surprise to me since the Dodger bats have been quiet.

DeGrom was a little shaky in the first inning.
Corey Seager was able to double as well, scoring Chase.  1-0.

Adrian Gonzalez was able to hit a huge sacrifice fly scoring Corey.  2-0.

However the Mets answered with 2 runs of their own, one after a throwing error by Chase Utley. 2-1.  The Mets scored again in the second inning when Mets Plawecki singled, scoring Flores. 2-2.

There were hits, lots of base running but despite 9 Dodger hits, the runs remained at 2.  The score stayed tied through 6 more excruciating innings.
The Mets sent out their reliever Bastardo.
And the Dodgers sent out relievers Coleman and Baez who had perfect scoreless innings.  That contributed greatly to the win.

Pedro Baez has had his ups and downs but seems to have gotten it right lately.

I took a break to go up to the club for strawberry ice cream and cookies.  The score was still tied at that point so I was hoping the game wouldn’t go into extra innings.  I needed nourishment just in case.
Kenley was able to hold the Mets to no more runs in the top of the 9th inning.  I had my fingers crossed.

In the 9th inning, the Mets were unable to score.  It was up to the Dodgers whether we would have to stay longer.  Puig was unable to get on base.
Then Carl tried to put us on the board again.  That didn’t happen.
It was up to Trayce Thompson with two outs.  I kept telling him in my mind to hit a homerun and be a hero.  Little did I realize that this was to come true.
Swing…..and there it went into the left field pavilion!!  There is nothing more exhilarating than a walkoff.
I couldn’t believe it.  We had not had a walkoff since last season.  This was the most excited we have been since the season started.  Sorry my pictures are blurry and unfocused.  I was too happy to hold my camera without shaking.
Hugs and kisses all around plus a drenching cold water shower for Trayce.
So far the Dodgers and Mets have split the series.  With two more games to go,  our Kenta Maeda will meet super Noah Syndergaard tonight.  Neither pitcher have had recent wins.  Maeda has had a loss and two no-decisions, partly due to the Dodgers offense which went quiet for several games.  Thor has had 3 losses in a row.  Both pitchers want a win.  The Dodgers bats were alive during Tuesday’s game…the key is timely hitting.  With 10 Dodger hits, there should have been more than 3 runs.

With Maeda pitching tonight, I will be decked out in Maeda-wear.  I’ll wear my Maeda tee shirt and hat.  Clayton starts Thursday so we will be treated to exciting games.  The Dodgers are now in first place by one game followed by the Rockies and the Giants tied for second.  It’s a tight race so far.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS.  By the way, tonight is Dave Roberts bobble head night.  They told me so far they don’t expect a big turnout.  That I don’t believe.  Bobble head nights are always horrendous.  It was Vin Scully tee shirt night last night and the attendance was only 38,858.  Many fans left early missing one of the most exciting endings ever.  Too bad for them.  It was nice hearing “I Love LA” blaring in the background as I left Dodger Stadium last night.

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