From Bad To Worse

Some days you feel that maybe you would have been better off  if you had just stayed in bed with the cover over your head and just let the day go on without you.  Yesterday was that type of day.  I think I had a cloud of gloom over my head from the time I got up.  By the time I walked through the gate that afternoon,  I knew that the game would not have a good outcome.

There was not a large crowd at the gate which was a positive.  I guess not everyone wanted the Pee Wee Reese collector’s pin.

When I got down to the stands to watch batting practice,  my friend Robert gave me the bad news that a person that I really did not see eye to eye with was there.  I could not imagine how the day could be any worse, but there it was.

The first Dodger I saw was Kenta Maeda.  Aha.  That was literally the first positive of the day.

I showed him my new hat.  He gave me a big smile.  OK, now life was good for half a second.

Hey, hi Carl!!!
Kenley and JP were walking back and forth together.
Dave Roberts was having a discussion with Ross Stripling
The guys were all into batting practice.  Oops, there goes one!!
Yasiel hit a few
Kike, Charlie and Justin 
When the early batting practice crowd started to become its usual obnoxious self with the “Can I have a ball” and “Can I have an autograph?”  Kenta moved to the far field.  I always think of batting practice as just that..a time for the players to practice, not sign.

Andre Ethier was there WITHOUT crutches.  He was walking with a pronounced limp however.

About 2 hours before the game begins when the general admission fans are allowed to come in the gates, the baseline ticket holders are allowed to go near the dugout.  Most of the time,  a majority of the players have already gone into the clubhouse for a meeting.  On Monday, they were a little late going in.  Yasiel hung out by the field.  It’s a good time to say hi to the players.

They are usually in a hurry but Alex Wood stopped to sign for an insistent fan.

Yasiel stopped to give one of his bats to a fan who has been incessantly asking for one.  I would be embarrassed.
Dave Roberts signed for that insistent fan.  I hope he doesn’t think that person was with me or is my friend.  Far from it.  Public Enemy #1.  I rarely ask for autographs.  I would rather have a picture with the player.  The players know me by now and also recognize that I am totally harmless and just a true blue fan.

Kenta made the mistake of looking at me and was barraged by that fan for an autograph.  That’s one reason why they run in without looking at any of us…because they are trying to get into the clubhouse but are hounded.  Kenta, being polite, always acknowledges me.

Joc has started to sign again since many of the fans are fair weather fans.  They down a player when they are not playing well and love him when he is doing well.  He was met with a lot of criticism before so I really didn’t blame him for not signing.  Those who are stupid were spreading the rumor that he is full of himself.  
I thought it was a good time to go up to the club to eat.  The food looked great but I wasn’t hungry.  The fare included tri tip, a wonderful mushroom dish, grilled beets and rainbow chard pasta.  I just looked at it.

I had left my backpack at a table while I got my food.  I was surprised to find Kenny Landreaux at my table.  I was a little taken aback since I have a specific routine I go through but I love Kenny.

I took a picture of his World Series ring.  How cool is that?

I told Kenny I had to get back to the field.  He was a bit appalled that I was leaving in such a hurry.  We had been in an animated discussion about Dee Gordon, PEDS, Barry Bonds, etc so I had left him hanging.  I have a certain spot that I like to stand in by the field to get the best pictures and I know the “hated one” liked to stand there just to annoy me.

Luckily my friends were standing there saving my spot.  The crowd was light being a Monday and no one was that interested in the giveaway.

It was a while before AJ even came out to the field.  I was really early.  I was definitely not in my usual routine which always throws me off.  I still felt like I was in a cloud of gloom.

AJ seems to be looking right at me.  

Then Scott Kazmir came out to stretch and throw a few pitches to warm up.  Scott has not had very good outings.  I really didn’t expect a win against the tough Mets.

Howie Kendrick was the first player to come out to warm up.  I have a bit of bad blood with him.  He had been ugly to me last season when I had a special pass to be on the field.  He had already been signing when I asked him to autograph my team ball.  I had all of 2 autographs on that ball.  I rarely get autographs but I have a team ball that I get autographed when I get that urge once in a blue moon.  He looked at me and said in a growl “You’re at every game.”  Well duh, I have season tickets.  Of course I’m at every game but I rarely get autographs.  The other guys:  Joc, Mike Bolsinger, Andre Ethier all rallied around me when they heard the conversation.  Ever since then, he became my least favorite Dodger.

Trayce Thompson is one of my favorites.  He is intense.  

I heard that he had Scott Van Slyke shave his head because he needed a change…for the better.  Since then he has been hitting home runs.
Another of my favorites, Charlie Culberson came out to stretch.  He was playing shortstop instead of Cory Seager.  I had worn my new Corey shirt specially made by Zino Fresh, but when I found out Corey wasn’t in the starting lineup, I changed.  I’ll save it for Tuesday’s game.
I don’t know why, but I really love these pictures of Kike and Yasiel.
Kike and Justin played a little catch
They were about to play the National Anthem.  Trayce couldn’t seem to hold still.
And of course, there always is at least one Dodger looking right at me during the National Anthem ..Hi Joc.
AJ and Scott made their way to the dugout.  I had this feeling of doom and gloom already.
I know this is Brett Anderson in the hoodie since that’s what he does.

Keith Urban announced the starting lineup in his Australian accent.  He said Tracy instead of Trayce.

A few excited kids ran on the field to get autographs.
First pitch by Scott Kazmir.  A home run for the Mets.  Great.  A darker cloud of doom and gloom over my head.  The cloud became even darker when a Met hit another home run in the second inning.  By the third inning another run was added by the Mets.  

What could be worse you ask?  Let me tell you….A Mets fan sat right next to me.  He was loud and obnoxious.  I sat the entire game turned away from him having to listen to untruths that he must have dug up on the internet about most of the Dodger players.  It was continuous and annoying.  Since he heard Keith Urban pronounce Trayce’s name Tracy that’s what he kept saying.   My friend Yoshiko texted me “Are you having a good time with the Mets fan next to you.”  It couldn’t be worse.  A Dodger fan started up a continuous conversation with him the ENTIRE game.  I felt like putting muzzles on both their mouths.  Kazmir was having his usual not so great game with little run support.  There were fantastic defensive plays by Utley and Puig but little offense.

The only Dodger score was a two run home run hit by Trayce (not Tracy) Thompson in the 4th inning which made the score 2-3.  It seemed a winnable game for the Dodgers but Kazmir continued on by allowing a double by the Mets PITCHER Matz to make the final score 2-4.
What to do during pitching changes….squat, stretch, lunges.  The good news is that the bullpen was excellent, not allowing any more runs after Kazmir was taken out.
The Mets still had a lot of discussion
So glad to see the bullpen doing their job.
Doesn’t look like a friendly conversation.
It’s a bad day when even the ice cream doesn’t cheer me up.
Tuesday’s game could be even more dismal.  Alex Wood 5.18 ERA, 1-3 wins faces deGrom 1.99 ERA 3-1 wins.  Wednesday Maeda 1.66 3-1 faces Syndergaard 2.58 2-2, which will probably be an exciting game.  It’s going to be a long week.  

Tuesday’s giveaway will be the Vin Scully Avenue tee shirt.  Hopefully it won’t be too crowded.  Wednesday’s game will definitely be sold out because of the Dave Roberts Bobblehead.  I really dislike Bobblehead nights.  It brings out the worst element to Dodger Stadium.  It will be crowded getting into the Stadiun and getting out.  

Thank you to my buddy Crystal who helped me through my horrible day. Also thank you to my friend Yoshiko for helping me laugh for the first time that day. Today couldn’t be any worse….or could it?

Thanks to all of you for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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