What To Do On An Off Day

Thursday was a much needed off day for the Dodgers and for me.  Adrian and Yasiel went fishing.  Maybe that’s what they needed.  Some real time off.    I had a few days off from everything including work and Dodgers.  Very unusual during baseball season.  It gave me some time to think.

The game on Wednesday against the Rays brought the Dodgers back again to .500 again.  There is definitely something wrong.  Wood allowed 3 home runs and which accounted for 5 Rays runs.  Yet he was upset to be taken out of the game with 78 pitches.  Well duh.  He thought he was throwing the ball well??  When Wood was taken out, the Dodgers were already down 2-5 and with the offense being sporadic, what is a coach to do?  Get a grip Alex.  Wood’s  ERA is 5.18.

Free agent Tim Lincecum is holding a showcase today.  Dodgers agents will be there.  Do we need him?  I would say, take a chance.  So far the only two dependable pitchers we have are Clayton and Kenta, at least until Ryu can return.  At best, Wood has been undependable.  Clayton and Kenta can hold the opposition’s runs down to a minimum which the other pitchers have been unable to do with the Dodger hitting also being sporadic.  It makes for a losing game.  The Dodgers have only won as many games as they have lost.  Luckily our division is also floundering around with the Giants being trounced solely in the 5th inning by Colorado with 13 runs.   Both Rockies and Giants pitchers yesterday have horrible ERA’s:  Bergman 6.32 and Cain 7.84  has not won a game.  Maybe San Francisco needs Tim back.  Therefore even at .500, the Dodgers, Rockies and Giants are tied for first place.  The D Backs and Greinke are on a losing streak of their own with 6 losses.  Ryu’s return date has been changed several times but he is pitching from the mound at this time.  McCarthy does not have a return date, neither does Anderson or Bolsinger.  That leaves the Dodgers with what they have:  Kershaw, Maeda, Kazmir, Wood, Stripling.  Kazmir is another undependable.

What can be said about the bullpen?  They are either very good or very bad.  Hatcher, Baez, Blanton, Blanton, and Howell can be good or scary.  There usually is no in between.  The only dependable in the bullpen is Kenley, the closer.

And there really has been few games where the Dodgers have needed the game saved.  When Roberts trots out the bullpen, we fans all cross our fingers, hoping for the best.  I usually just go up to the Club and get ice cream, the stress is just too much.

It is still only May but winning games is important ALL SEASON.  It seems the only way the Dodgers are scoring runs is with the long ball.  They have left many on base without bringing them in.  Maybe they should try to work on hitting the small ball and getting these players in scoring position in.  

It was frustrating to watch the Dodgers almost losing every game the last homestand.  The only game that the Dodgers won was because of Kershaw:  he hit the only run in, and he pitched a complete game.  Unfortunately, Clayton can’t carry the entire team.

Friday the Dodgers will face the Blue Jays who also have a .500 record.  They will face ex Dodgers Russell Martin and one of my all time favorites Darwin Barney.  Kenta Maeda will pitch on 7 days rest.  The two teams last played in 2013.

As usual when the Dodgers are on the road….I really miss them.  I can’t wait to see them again on Monday when they return to Dodger Stadium.

I did get a new bracelet hoping it would cheer me up.  Notice the two numbers:  18 for Maeda and 16 for Andre (Get well quick).

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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