When Kersh Won the Game

I have to confess that I was getting used to losing.  That is a sad thing. There were 6 losses in a row before today’s game.  I thought it would be nice to win one game this homestand but I wasn’t as depressed as the night before.  The sweep by the Marlins was devastating but I got over it.  The chance that San Diego could sweep us was a reality today. This was the last game of the homestand.  Clayton Kershaw was pitching so we had a chance.
It was a day game.  Most Sundays are.  I am not fond of day games because I really don’t like too much sun.  Even if it is a mild 70, the sun can get very hot.

I was the first one at the gate.  People started to gather at the gates.

Only 2 lines were open to get in. I was the only one in the first line. I guess people just love to stand in long lines. Everyone went to the second line.  No one stood behind me.  Finally one family stood behind me. I waited. People still went into that long second line.

The second line got longer and longer until it almost wrapped around the building.

Human nature.  I suppose people thought the long line was the right line.  However I heard someone tell a newcomer that there are two lines.  Why then are they all in the second line?  

I stopped at the right field baseline club for a few minutes after I got into the stadium to get a soda and then made my way to the dugout.

It was pretty dead in the dugout. JP Howell came out.  They sometimes dress very strangely.  They seem to like leggings.

Dave Roberts was having an animated discussion with Nomar and Orel.

Beautiful Alanna Rizzo was getting ready for her broadcast for Sportsnet.

Kenley had some interesting dreads.

As Kenley went out to the field, Kenta went into the dugout.  He hurried into the clubhouse but stopped long enough to give me a smile and say hi.  He didn’t have time to sign autographs which he usually does.

I hurried up to the club to eat.  I’m not that fond of the breakfast food. There was ham, an egg dish, a delicious vegetable medley, potatoes.
I prepared some chili dogs so you can see that I can actually prepare a dish. You start with a  Dodger dog, add a layer of shredded cheese, then the chili, then another layer of cheese. Top with sprinkles of minced onion.  Delicious!
There was a Little League parade going on as they have many Sunday day games,  so Kershaw came out as it ended.
He did his usual routine. He never changes it very much.
AJ Ellis came out almost the same time and did his stretching.
Kershaw is very flexible
Then he warmed up with a few pitches.

I love watching Kershaw no matter what he is doing.
Getting ready for pre game activities.  Sometimes things get a little dicey.  There’s little Cat Belanger trying to work a camera.
I’m beginning to appreciate Trayce Thompson.  He’s a really great addition to the team, defensively and offensively.
Yasiel has been outstanding defensively.
Here I thought I was the only one Matt hugged.  I’m a bit jealous.

Kike did a few interesting stretches.

Kike with his cute little ponytail
The National Anthem
A little more throwing
Oscar De La Hoya, a hometown favorite, threw out the first pitch
AJ and Kershaw made their way back to the dugout.  We all had our fingers crossed that we would not get swept this homestand.
Corey Seager and Yasiel Puig signed for the kids.  You can always count on them to make the young fans happy.
There are the umpires who strive to make the strike zone confusing every game.
We were all ready for a great Kershaw game.  Most of Kershaw’s  games go quickly.  We always have to eat fast because the games tend to only last less than 3 hours.
We waited with baited breath for Clayton to throw out that first pitch.  Striiiiiike!!!
It had been a long 6 days.  It seems much longer when the Dodgers lose EVERY game.  I am a true blue Dodger fan but losing every game took a lot out of me.  I feel every loss.  I had a feeling that this would be the game that we could go home happy.  Clayton is a true competitor.

Best buddy AJ Ellis was able to hit a double.

And Clayton did what he had to do…he gave himself run support by hitting in the only score of the game.

And as AJ slid into home plate, I breathed a sigh of relief to find the Dodgers on the score board.

Trayce Thompson doubled to left in the 5th and hope came alive but the Dodgers were unable to score.

In the 7th inning, the Padres threatened with Wil Meyers and Matt Kemp hitting back to back singles but Clayton got out of the jam.

One cannot say enough about Clayton Kershaw.  While I was watching the game, I was in awe of him.  He pitched a complete shutout game.  The Padres were only able to get 3 hits with Matt Kemp very hot.  Yasiel Puig and Corey Seager played great defense.  It was a team effort for sure.  Padres pitcher Drew Pomeranz with an ERA of 2.48 pitched a good game.  His only mistakes were to the team of Ellis and Kershaw.

Through the week all I still enjoyed the great food.  The in seat food was great.  They have two kinds of nachos that are amazing.

And I was happy to see my good friends.  Hi Stacey!!!  For me, that is enough because that makes the Dodger experience much more meaningful.  I enjoy being with those who have the same passion as I do.

But winning games is what it’s all about.  With Kershaw on the mound, anything is possible.

The game was another fast Kershaw game.  I was happy because I had to go to work after the game.  Clayton continued to dominate to the last pitch.

The excitement kept building to the very last pitch.

There is absolutely nothing that makes me more excited than watching the players give each other high fives after a great game.  The sound of “I LOVE LA” just gives me a huge thrill.  

The losing streak was broken.  We all breathed sighs of relief.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting the Dodgers all the way.  We are true Dodger fans.  We love them even when they lose, through thick and thin.  GO DODGERS!!!

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