What To Do When Losing

This past homestand was one of great despair…or so I felt.  It was game after game of losing.  However I always try to make the best of everything.  There were definite positives to the week.

Winning the last game was a positive to a terrible week.

The Chia pet was an interesting giveaway
The pitching actually wasn’t bad.  The offense was the problem.  No timely hitting.  Too many left on base.  Ross Stripling actually had a good outing.
Kike Hernandez was able to get his ponytail right

Yaz is back to his pink drink.

I was able to see my best friends at the game.
It was nice to see Kike sign autographs which he usually doesn’t do.
I’m getting better at selfies, kind of.

Sometimes the selfies are better when someone with longer arms takes the picture.  Here I am with Kenny Landreaux, one of the nicest, funniest Dodger legends.

Or when the selfie is one with Joc Pederson’s wonderful older brother Champ.  Love Champ.

Or when you get your one ball autographed so many times.

The weather during the week was perfection…not too hot.

Good to see that Andre Ethier is making some progress.

Clayton Kershaw is still the best pitcher in baseball

Our Dodgers are always very serious

The youngest fans always have a good time no matter win or lose.

Seeing Matt Kemp, my all time #1 was the highlight of the week.  This will probably be my favorite picture ever.  I miss him so much.  Love you Matt!!!

When all seems to be lost, our Dodgers seem to spark a ray of hope.

Because of this I will always have dreams of being in the playoffs.  This was a couple of years ago when we clinched the West.  Darwin Barney who is with the Blue Jays now, stopped  to include me in the celebration.  I will forever remember this moment.  It was caught on film by my friend Danny who just happened to be filming the event with his phone.

Thanks for stopping by.  No matter whether the Dodgers win or lose, WE LOVE THEM!!!  Go Dodgers.  

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