5 in a Row

I’m too distraught and sad to write today. This week has just been too much.

Dee, I still love you.
Donnie, I know your heart hurts.
Dee, you were good without drugs.
Just watch out whose footsteps you follow in.
Hopefully Kike can make me laugh again.

Andre tried in his usual adorable way even on crutches.

The food didn’t even make me happy

Little Lucas is too young to notice when things are not quite right. Ahhh those innocent times!

Seeing two legends together almost made me smile: Orel Hersheiser and Don Newcombe

Getting Dave Roberts on the sweet spot was not an easy task.
Good luck pitching today Ross. Hopefully we fans can leave the stadium with smiles on our faces. I’m tired of being disappointed.  Losing 5 in a row is sad.
Thanks for checking in. Today has to be better than yesterday!

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