I came to the game on Thursday optimistic.  It was going to be the perfect day.  I was on the field with my friend Robert.  My favorite Kenta Maeda was pitching.  There was no way that the Dodgers could be swept by 4th place team Miami Marlins.  But what happened was dismaying and disappointing.
I met Robert on Suite level so we could be escorted down to the field.  This is the view from there.
Batting practice was well underway.
I had wanted a picture with Kenta Maeda but since he was pitching, he was not available.  I was disappointed.  That was disappointment number one.

Kike took pictures and signed autographs.

Nice guy Charlie, of course, took pictures and signed autographs.
Ross Stripling
My friend Robert’s thing is collecting batting gloves from the players.  He has a nice collection.  I don’t know anyone else who collects them.  Ross gave him a set.  Unfortunately another fan who never has an original thought saw Robert getting them and  started asking EVERY player for batting gloves.  Of course no one gave him any since he tends to be annoying.  Robert gets batting gloves from the players because he is there almost every game.  He is a familiar face.   That ruined it for Robert.  This fan always knows how to ruin things.  He makes unwelcome comments to the players about their performance.   I mean, seriously…he’s not a coach.  He seems to ride on our coat tails.  If a Dodger stops to talk to me or take a picture, there he is.  He never fails to make a comment.  I just cringe.  I don’t want the guys to think he is my friend.

Trayce also was nice enough to stop.
Justin Turner
But it was Corey Seager that really made my day.  He was happy to take a picture with me.  He sees me everyday and knows I never ask for anything.  I don’t understand some of the fans, even some season ticket holders who get the same autographs over and over.  I’m not much  of an autograph collector, maybe one autograph per player on a team ball if that. Others have piles of baseball cards, balls, pictures…I mean really, how many do you need?   The Dodgers know that I usually take pictures and that’s about it.  They always say hi since they know that about me.

Here is my ball so far.  Can you guess whose autographs they are?

It was fantastic to see Andre Ethier again.  He was on crutches but seemed to be moving much better.  He smiled at us.  We need him back!!!

Robert and I decided to go to the enemy side.  Robert wanted to get a Barry Bonds autograph and maybe snag some batting gloves from Dee Gordon.  We saw Barry.  He was talking to a few agents.  We stood there and waited politely.  He saw us but kept talking.  Suddenly he turned and spit on the ground a few inches from me.  I thought that was the grossest, nastiest thing I have ever seen.  I’m a nurse so I know gross.  I told Robert we should just leave because he pretty much let us know what he thought about us.  I wanted a picture with Dee and Donnie Mattingly.

The first Marlin who took pictures with us was Christian Yelich, left field.  Someone told me he wasn’t very friendly.  I didn’t think so.  He was nice to me.  And they also said he wasn’t all that cute.  I beg to differ.  Judge for yourself.

Martin Prado was the next Marlin who took a picture with me.  He was very friendly.

Dee Gordon has always been one of my favorites.  He came right up to me and took a picture.  Robert asked him for batting gloves and he said ok but that never materialized.  

Remember Miguel Rojas?  Robert asked him for batting gloves but he said the ones he was using weren’t even his.  They belonged to teammate Giancarlo Stanton.  
Don Mattingly the Marlins coach saw me and gave me a big hug.

Pat Shine, major league administrative coach gave me a ball.

It’s my first ball this season.  Maybe it’s because I never ask.
Ichiro was not far from us doing his usual weird rituals.  He completely ignored everyone.

Do you see Barry Bonds, the hitting coach, and Dee Gordon together in the background?  One of my big disappointments of the day was to find out about the 80 game suspension that Dee is serving after testing positive for PEDS.  He has stated that he didn’t know.  His weight increased to 170’s when he seemed to be stick-thin for so long tipping the scales at a mere 140.  I want to believe Dee but seeing him with Barry Bonds makes me wonder what actually happened.  

I was totally off schedule when I went to the Club to eat.  I pretty much gobbled everything down. I think it was roast pork with mashed potatoes and gravy, artichoke pasta, shrimp rice pilaf.
I was delighted to see my buddy Yoshiko.  I told her we were going to cheer Kenta Maeda on.
Then Kenta went down the field with his translator.
Yoshiko told me that this exercise is his trademark in Japan.
He threw a few warmup pitches
Chase Utley is always the first one out to stretch
The others weren’t far behind.
It was already getting a little cold.
Yoshiko met me down by the seats.  There’s Crystal who isn’t feeling that well but being the trouper she is, came to work.  Unfortunately another employee accidentally dumped beer down her back.  Poor Crystal.  It really wasn’t a good night for anyone.
National Athem.  The guys look happy.  I don’t know why.  They have lost 3 games already against the Marlins.
Carl Crawford and Yasiel Puig signed autographs.
The umpires before the game.  How they can figure out how to make the Dodgers miserable, I seriously wonder.
We cheered as Kenta Maeda walked past.  He was very somber.
First pitch.
The game seemed promising with the Dodgers scoring first.  
Yasmani doubled in Chase Utley.
Yasiel Puig singled Corey Seager in.  The Dodgers were able to put 2 runs on the board in the first inning.  But that was about it for our guys. They would get on base and then could not score.  It was a rerun of the previous 3 games.

The Kenta Maeda-Ichiro Suzuki matchup. Kenta felt it was an honor.
From the first inning on, the Dodgers could not get any runs   Maeda lost his first game.  His ERA is now 1.41.  His record 3-1.

It has been a sad 4 games.  The Marlins swept the Dodgers for the first time in their franchise history.  It was very hard to watch.  All I thought about during those games was that I wanted to go home.  The offense was dormant.  The bullpen on Thursday was not so good.

The big story was Dee Gordon.  It was insufferable to be swept by a 4th place team but it was more miserable to find out about our Dee Gordon.  I’m still in shock.  I always want to believe the best.

As Dave Roberts has said, let’s just turn the page.  I think we’ve been turning the pages of a bad novel for the past 4 games.  The Dodgers play the San Diego Padres tonight.  The Dodgers have won 9 straight games against them.  Pitching will be Alex Wood 6.00 ERA and Cesar Vargas 1.80.  Wood has not had a good start yet.  I’m looking forward to seeing Matt Kemp again.  Hopefully we can pull off a win.  It would definitely be horrific if the Dodgers could not win a single game this homestand.

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish I had better news but that’s life.  It can’t possibly get any worse!!  GO DODGERS!!

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  1. Steve Miller

    Sorry to hear about your tough week. Normally the fan-favorite good guys aren’t the ones to do things like this, but it seems to be an epidemic at this point. It just makes me wonder who is doing it and NOT getting caught.

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