One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to be going right?  It seems like Wednesday was one of those days in the 3rd game (and 3rd loss in a row) to the Marlins.  The day started out already cold and cloudy.  However there really wasn’t much of a line at the gate although it was fleece blanket day.

It was the usual batting practice.  The guys looked happy and animated as usual.  Smiles all around.
My pictures all seemed to be lacking something….this one lacks their faces.
I could totally recognize everyone.
I got perfect pictures of my favorite Kenta.

Everyone in the batting cage was focused well.

They all stopped to talk.
I was able to get a nice picture of Kershaw.
Dave Roberts 
Orel Hersheiser came to joke with us.  I remembered to take off my sunglasses.
We went over to the other side to see Dee Gordon.

He remembered me of course.  He kept telling me, “I’m still sorry ma’am.”  Let’s pile the guilt on him.

I thought it was a good time to eat since the day so far was not so good.  The food however was wonderful.  The tri tip was delicious.

I went back out to the field in time to see AJ who did not even look our way.  Not unusual.  I suppose losing two games in a role can make everyone grumpy.  I can imagine that losing three would make everyone even less amiable.

Scott Kazmir came out to warm up.  He had yet to have a good outing.  We were hopeful this would be his breakout game.
One bright spot…my friends Veronica and Christian were there.  They actually had seats in dugout section but came down to say hello.  Too bad this picture was photo bombed.
Also two nice kids, Jeremiah and Joseph.  I can’t seem to keep “where’s Waldo” out of my pictures.
They started to come out one at a time.  I seem to be getting only back views of the players.  One of my favorites Trayce Thompson.
A ball landed a couple of inches too far for me to reach.  So close but yet so far.
The National Anthem.  Clayton looks happy with me.
AJ and Scott making their way down the field.  Scott already has that look of dread.
Like I said, I was able to get perfect shots of everyone.
Trayce came to us to sign autographs.  I pointed to Joseph and Jeremiah.  Unfortunately one of the kids was jostled out of the way by some rude fans and he didn’t get an autograph.
He’s still standing there hoping…
Birthday boy Corey Seager signed many autographs but the little guy still was left out.  One of my pet peeves:  rude nasty people who push the children out of the way.
When Yasiel came to sign, I again pointed to the little guys but again they were pushed out of the way.  Their day was going as well as mine was.  You can see the Bobblehead of Puig he was holding out.  He got pushed out of the way so didn’t get it signed.
I was able to get a nice dignified shot of Clayton Kershaw.
And Scott threw the first pitch.  The first inning produced 2 runs….for the other side.  Already behind.  Never a good omen.
It’s always that Stanton guy.  Why couldn’t we get one sure home run hitter in the offseason.  He didn’t hit a home run but messed the Dodgers up anyway in that first inning.
And Dee just kept on smiling.  I liked him much better as a Dodger.  Corey looks thrilled.
Best bat girl Emily was sitting in front of me.  That was one of the only pluses of the day.  The players like her because she can actually throw the ball.  The other bat girl spends her time flirting with security.
The other plus was my seat partner Cameron who was there with his super mom Danielle.  They are from Bullhead City, AZ.  She drives him  2 hours for baseball practice in Las Vegas.  What a mom!!!  They stopped at Dodger Stadium to watch a game.
Birthday boy Corey hit himself in the shin with a foul ball.  That was the way Andre Ethier broke his leg.  What a horrible day it’s been.
I went up to the club to get my ice cream and cookies.  I came back to my seat and Danielle told me what I had missed.  The only excitement of the game and I was up in the club.  A half naked guy had run on the field and was immediately tackled by security.  Stupid stupid stupid!

If that wasn’t enough, someone across the aisle from me was hit in the face with a foul ball, only inches from my seat.  That was something I was glad I had missed.  It would have been deja-vu all over again.  I’m deathly afraid of the ball since getting hit in the face by Dee Gordon.  I had gotten hit 3 years in a row.  That was the worst.  Danielle told me he had a pretty impressive gash on his face, blood all over.  I might have had to play Nurse Nancy if I had been there after I got out from under my seat.

Scott’s game really wasn’t bad.  The first inning was his settling-in period and then he shakily finished up allowing only those two runs.  It was the Dodger batting that was lacking.  The Marlins pitcher was just up from the minors.  I mean, really?  The Dodgers made him look like Cy Young-rookie of the year material.  The closer was pitching his first MLB game.

The Dodgers were able to load up the bases with walks in the 8th inning making us fans hopeful.  There was only one out, bases are loaded.  We held our breaths.
It led to continuous pitching changes and discussions.
The Marlins pitcher and Mattingly were both ejected after arguing the strike zone.  Donnie had vowed not to get kicked out of the game during this road trip.  I guess that was just a dream on his part.  Donnie is passionate.  Everyone could read “baloney” on Donnie’s lips.  
Yasiel and Adrian both struck out ending the inning where the Dodgers could have broken it wide open.  We all felt deflated.  I knew we had lost at that point.  
It was a tiring long arduous game.  I’m talking about how we fans felt. I’m sure it wasn’t good for the players’ morale either.   Scott had actually pitched an ok game.  He had no run support.  The Dodgers had only two hits.  But as Bob Geren, the bench coach said, there usually is a loss before a winning streak begins.  Maybe he meant that there usually is 3 losses.

The Dodgers are in danger of being swept by the Marlins, a team who is still in 4th place in their division even after winning 3 games.  What does that tell you?   They have already won the series, the first time at Dodger Stadium  since 2010.  But Kenta Maeda is pitching so there is a chance to salvage the last game.  Kenta has a 0.36 average, 3-0 record.  He will be facing ace Jose Fernandez who doesn’t like Dodger Stadium because it is too loud.  Maybe we better up the volume today so we can actually win.  It has to do with run support.

A side note:  I don’t get the Dodger fans’ passion getting Marlins autographs and pictures.  They are totally killing us.  So many were happy with Jose Fernandez  signing autographs and taking pictures. He is pitching against our Maeda today.  I can’t bring myself to get that jolly about the enemy especially at this point.  

Thursday’s game couldn’t be any worse than Wednesday’s game when nothing seemed to go right.  I’m hoping this game will make up for the other ones this series.  The Dodgers are still clinging to first place in the West by a hair.

Thanks for stopping by.  Special hello to Veronica, Christian, Danielle and Cameron.  GO DODGERS!!  

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