Bobblehead Giveaway Day

The days I dislike the most at Dodger Stadium are the bobble head giveaway days.  Monday was no exception.  The Clayton Kershaw bobble head was actually very nice.  I’m not that fond of bobble heads on the whole.  These giveaway days bring out the worst in people and also brings the worst people to the stadium.  It is crowded and the fans are usually not the usual group of people.  They tend to be rude and pushy.

The day started out mild, cloudy, no sun to speak of.  The weather forecast called for wind.  Even at 4:00 it was already a little cold.

I was glad to see my guys back home.  It’s only the second homestand but when they are gone, I miss them.  They seemed to be in a good mood probably because of their 4-2 record on the road.  Kenta Maeda has proven himself the best offseason acquisition the Dodgers made.  Notice again that the starting pitcher seem to stand on the field together.

One of my favorite additions is Charlie Culberson.  We all love him.
They went in a little early for a meeting.  They seemed to be in a hurry.

I was hoping to see my favorite Kenta Maeda because I had a present for him.  It was something simple…a box of Japanese rice crackers that I had put in a reusable bag.  It was appropriately decorated with “Ninja” for the child in him.  It wasn’t a big gift but in Japanese culture, it’s more the gesture.  He was stopped by the Japanese media as usual which was to our advantage because then we had time to get to the dugout.  He was going to run by because he was late to the meeting, his hands were full with shoes and equipment.  I waved the ninja bag and said in Japanese…present.  I was quite proud of myself that I could remember the word.  Japanese people are known to be very polite and Maeda-San was no exception.  He saw the gift and stopped, slipping the bag on his arm.  I was overjoyed since I didn’t have to bring it another day.  I always come loaded down with camera, backpack, purse, and also a bobble head that day.

It was a good time to eat.  The food was outstanding.  I couldn’t believe how delicious the lettuce wraps were.  How can lettuce and chicken be so amazing together??
I had to take another picture before I enjoyed this one.
Here she is making them.
I always have to give Armando a big hug.

He thought a selfie would be better than just a picture of him.

I saw my favorite runners so they were nice enough to take selfies with me.  They are the best.

A nice picture of Dulce.  I look terrible.  I have the worst allergies which have affected my eyes.  I can’t believe how itchy they are all the time.

AJ was just walking down the field to warm up.  He was catching, Yaz was relieving Adrian at first base.
The sky looked clear but it was windy.  Everyone already had their jackets on.  I don’t wear a jacket too often but I knew I would have to put mine on sooner or later.
Here’s cutie Gavin with his Clayton Kershaw bobble head.
They were interviewing Kenley on Sportsnet.
Amanda, the bat girl.  The sky was looking a little ominous.  It was actually sprinkling.  I don’t believe that any of the weather apps mentioned rain or sprinkles.  I was hoping it was a temporary setback.  In California, it could turn into a downpour or else it could turn into sunny skies.
Ross Stripling was hoping for his first MLB win.  He was taken out his first game when he might have pulled off a no-hitter.
He worked out and stretched a bit.  Interesting workout.  I thought he was serenading the bullpen coach.
It was Rick Monday Monday.  It has been 40 years since he rescued a flag burning on the field when he was an active player.  We will all remember that day.  It was a very chilling and heroic moment.

The guys all came out to stretch.  Interesting starting lineup, especially Yaz at first, giving Adrian a much needed day off.  He hasn’t had one since the season began.

Charlie substituted for Corey Seager who also had the day off.

Yasmani was on the field stretching.  

We all fondly remember Dee Gordon, myself especially.  We do have a bond.  Actually I have a scar over my left eye to always remind me of him.  I know many of the current Dodgers are close friends of Dee’s and still keep in touch.

I had a request from Pat for more pictures of Charlie.  Here you go.  I acually caught a pic of him blowing a bubble.  Oops, somehow the picture of Howie and Justin sneaked in.

Here are some pictures for you Trayce Thompson fans.
And also here are the many faces of the animated Kike Hernandez.
The rest of the team came out to the field bundled up for winter weather.  It is LA after all.  We aren’t used to this inclement weather.
Apparently appointed barber Scotty Van Slyke took the shears to Trayce and Howie.  Trayce thought he needed a new look to improve his batting.  I’m not sure about his haircut but Howie looks 200% better.  Maybe it was a bad time to chop off the hair when it was so cold and windy.
Charlie signed for everyone.  To my surprise, so did Trayce.  I haven’t seen him sign since Spring Training.
Of course my sweetheart Yasiel signed.  He said “Hi Mama” to me and gave me a nice hug.  
Joc came to the seats.  A fan had a Joc bobble head that he had added Golden State Warriors logo to it.  He gave it to Joc.
AJ and Ross walked to the dugout
First pitch
It’s really hard for me to see Dee on the other side wearing another uniform.  I still think it wasn’t smart to trade him.
Ross allowed 3 earned runs which were too many since the only runs the Dodgers scored were the two solo home runs by Yasiel Puig and Trayce Thompson in the 4th inning.  

Ross’s ERA is still 3.22 which isn’t bad for a fifth starter.  The bullpen had been used up on the road so he was kept on the mound as long as possible.  Yasmani was at first when he missed a foul pop up which Adrian, a gold glover, probably would have made.  It cost them a run one pitch later when Stanton hit an RBI double tying the score.  2-2.

The final score was 2-3, another one run game.   So as they say, let’s turn the page.

This week is full of giveaways.  Monday was the Kershaw bobble head.  Tuesday is USC day.  I purchased a special ticket so I could get my sister a USC-Dodger tee shirt.  Wednesday will be Dodger fleece blanket day, one of my favorite giveaways.  I bought an extra ticket so I can give my sister a blanket.  I’d much rather get a blanket than a bobble head.  On the weekend they are giving away a Justin Turner chia pet.  Okaaaay.

I am happy to report that my sister’s cat Hobie returned back to the fold.  He had run away a week ago Tuesday which was worrisome because he is strictly an inside cat.  We had been searching for him.  I think he decided freedom and being in nightly catfights was not fun.  We are glad to have him back.  Maybe he’ll appreciate 3 meals and a cot after all that.
Today Clayton Kershaw will be pitching.  He will be facing Marlins’ Tom Koehler who has a 4.0 ERA, 1-2.  Kershaw has a 1.50 ERA and is 2-0.

Thanks for stopping by.  GO DODGERS!!!

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