Thursday was a day of mixed emotions.  We were all happy because it was Joc’s 24th birthday.  Adrian Gonzalez treated the team to dinner that evening.   Joc’s mom treated the team to personalized cupcakes.
And then we were all sad at the passing of legend Prince.  It is always sad when someone passes away at such a young age, Prince being only 57 years old.  No one knows what happened but he had flu symptoms the week before and also had a drug overdose.  We all know how drugs have taken so many talented people.  He and Michael Jackson will be making sweet music together in heaven.

Jake Arrietta had yet another no hitter.  People want to compare him with Clayton Kershaw.  Uh no.  Not even.  But congratulations for the first no-hitter of the season.

Another happy moment of Thursday was the Dodgers’ win against the Braves.  Clayton was pitching and really wasn’t at his best.  Clayton allowed 10 hits, struck out 10.  The Braves were held to one run.  The Dodgers won in a 10 inning game with a score of 2-1.  The Braves were limited to 2 for 10 RISP.  Even when Clayton is inconsistent and really doesn’t have his best stuff, he can get the job done.  He is after all, Clayton Kershaw, 2 time Cy Young winner, masterful on the mound.

  This was the Dodgers’ second 10 inning game in 2 days.  They won the series against the Braves 2-1.  Today they will face the Rockies at Coors Field with Kazmir pitching.  Kazmir has been less than stellar his first 2 outings, not being able to get past the 5th inning, with an ERA of 6.43.  Hopefully he will get his stuff together for this game.  He will be facing Jon Gray who had been on DL for abdominal strain.
  Hopefully some of Clayton’s magic will rub off on Scott.
  Scotty Van Slyke  is still on DL, not really any better.
  Adam Liberatore accidentally plunked Pedro Baez on the back of the head during bullpen practice possibly putting poor Baez on concussion DL.  I know he feels terrible about that.  Coleman already was placed on 3 day bereavement leave for the death of his beloved grandfather.  These events shake up the bullpen who actually has been doing quite well lately after a shaky start.
  My sister and I took advantage of the Dodgers 5 run game on Wednesday.  Papa John’s pizza offers a 50% off on their pizzas the day after the Dodgers score 5 runs.  Just order on line and punch in Dodgers5 to get this offer. This is their delicious light luau pizza.  It has less cheese, a thin crunchy crust, pineapple, green pepper, and Canadian bacon.  It was so yummy.  Thank you Dodgers and thank you Papa John.  
The Dodgers are at the moment at the top of the National League West with a 10-6 record.  The Giants have lost 5 games in a row.  The Rockies are the closest team with an 8-7 record.

Good news:  I found out that my blog is ranked number 34 in the top 100 MLB blogs for March.   I feel honored and humbled.   There are so many wonderful blogs, one of favorites being Canuck Cubbie which is masterfully written by Mark Gauthier.  Thank you everyone for checking in with me.  Thank you to my good friend Veronica and her husband Christian for being one of my most loyal readers.   I had not written much on my blog until about the middle of March with Spring Training.  Now that the season is in full swing, I’ll be writing more, especially the home games which I will be attending.

When the Dodgers are on the road, I miss them.  This next week when they return to Dodger Stadium, I will be on vacation from work since there are too many games and not enough days off.  Sometimes work just gets in the way.  Baseball season always puts me in a much better mood however.  Everyone knows I live for baseball.

  The clasp on my Dodger necklace broke on Tuesday.  Of course being as superstitious as a baseball player, I totally freaked out.  I ordered a new replacement chain and just received it in the mail yesterday.  Inexplicably I felt half dressed without it.  Now I feel whole again.  Yes, there are two hearts with the LA on the necklace.  My heart is totally with the Dodgers.  Funny thing…the necklace opens up many conversations with strangers about the Dodgers.  Usually it’s “Are you a Dodger fan?”  I usually answer “hard core.”  Then they try to stump with with questions about the Dodgers.  I can usually discuss anything about the Dodgers with anyone.  One thing that just chaps my hide are all the misconceptions about them.  Most people think Joc is stuck up.  Far from it.  Others have not nice things to say about Yasiel Puig who is one of my honeys.  He always smiles at me and says “Hello Momma.”   Clayton never fails to say “Hi. How’s it going?” AJ always smiles at me. Charlie Culberson is probably the nicest new player this year.  The friendliest player of all time is Andre Ethier whom I miss like crazy this season.  Media loves to comment about Andre every year, usually negative, no matter how well he plays.  I’m pleased that he usually sets these people back on their heels.   Most people who have only rotten comments to make have never even spoken to these guys.  Don’t always listen to the media and don’t make comments if you really don’t know.  I never believe anything unless I personally hear it from that person.  

Thanks again to everyone who takes the time to check out my blog.  I have one more night of work and then vacation!!  Life is good.  See everyone soon.  Have a great day.  GO DODGERS!!!!

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