A Long Road Trip


Maybe it’s not such a long road trip…it just seems that way. I’m back at work for a stretch. For those of you who are new readers of my blog, let me tell you a few things about myself.

My passion in life other than my family are the Dodgers. When I called my blog “catlovesthedodgers,” I’m really not kidding.  They are my entire life for 6 months out of the year. I eat, breathe, sleep everything Dodgers. In the offseason I am irritable, distracted, grumpy and lost.  

I have been an emergency department nurse for many years. I work at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Long Beach. I truly do love my veterans.  They are a very special group. Many are suffering from the effects of giving everything for our great country. The work is hard and oftentimes takes the wind out of my sails but I do it because it makes me feel like I am doing something real and worthwhile.

I have been a season ticket holder for around 10 years…not so long.  My seat is in the baseline club. I am very lucky to be able to have the experiences that I do. The Dodgers are a wonderful group ever changing with each season but still one of the most revered teams in the MLB. Every season has been a joy to me. I have made many friends: fans, staff  and Dodgers.  I decided to write a Dodger blog so I could share my experiences with many who can’t come to the games and share my passion.

  Believe it or not, this was 7 years ago. My biggest crush of all time was Matt Kemp who I adore to this day.  This was one of my first pictures with a Dodger.
I don’t profess to be a great sportswriter although I can argue baseball with the best. My goal is to share parts of the Dodgers that you won’t find on tv, a more personal glimpse of what they are really like.  Believe it or not, they are humans and have feelings.  Baseball is their job and they want to win!!!  I remember years ago, Russell Martin interrupted our conversation saying, I have to go to work now.  It is their job. Many fans think it is their job to sign autographs and pose for pictures. It’s an added bonus but NOT THEIR JOB.

I use my own pictures. Many are taken on my IPhone but most are taken on my beloved Nikon. I rarely use anyone else’s photos and if I do, I give credit to whoever was the photographer. Thanks to Jon SooHoo for a couple I have borrowed. 

The true joy of my life other than the Dodgers is my son Philip who is a Commander in the Navy. He lives near Washington DC.

I also am blessed with my supportive sisters, Jojo and Sara. Love you so much!!!

There it is in a nutshell.  I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog. Writing it has added to the Dodger experience. Sharing my very unique experiences with you makes it a hundred-fold better.

I already miss my guys. They are in Atlanta and then in Colorado. After the first two weeks, they are in first place in the West!!!! GO DODGERS!! 

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