Game Two Against the Giants

  Sometimes I have a hard time writing this blog.  There are always good things that happen even when the Dodgers lose.  Number one good thing….Coco was there.  She is the sunshine of Dodger Stadium.  Here she is on the left.  She is actually Caroline, her friend on the right is also a Caroline.  
 The food was good as usual.  The Asian fried chicken was delicious as was the Asian cole slaw.

  Yasmani was one of the only Dodgers who could hit against Johnny Cueto who was amazing.  It looks like Yaz isn’t drinking the pink drink anymore.
  Or maybe it is pink.
 Scott Kazmir simply didn’t have a good outing.  He threw 93 pitches in 4 innings.  Not good.

  Johnny Cueto was out there for the taking in the offseason but the Dodgers weren’t interested I guess.  He is a little flashy.  Love those fluorescent orange shoes.  He totally stumped the Dodger offense.
  The game was a sleeper…totally put Klayton and Duke to sleep.
  Justin Turner fell into the stands almost crushing my Coco.  Thankfully neither was hurt.

It’s sad when the big excitement is AJ being called in to pinch hit and he draws a walk.  Yawn!!  The score was 0-4 at that point and I was resigned to a loss.

  And then Corey Seager hit a home run bringing AJ in as well.  I had just told my friend Danny that Corey would have to hit it very far to get AJ to second.  I guess Corey did just that. 

The final score was 3-4.  The Dodgers just couldn’t capitalize on that Corey blast.

  The ice cream was good. The drive home wasn’t too bad. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the good things about the game.

The bullpen held the Giants to 4 runs even after Kazmir loaded up the bases. Another good thing.

  Maeda pitches the last game of the series. Another good thing.

Thanks for stopping by. GO DODGERS!!!

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