Jackie Robinson Day

  How could the day be better.  It was Jackie Robinson Day and the Dodgers were playing the Giants.  Two aces were pitching:  Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner.  It was again a beautiful cloudless day.  The giveaway was a Jackie Robinson #42 jersey.  The drive to the stadium from Long Beach wasn’t too bad.
  The only ugly I saw that day was before the gates opened for early batting practice.  There was a woman behind me (lady would be using the term too loosely) who had only disparaging remarks to make about the Dodger staff and how late the gate was opening.  The point was that she did not have a seat in field section anyway and thought she wouldn’t be allowed on the lower level if it was too late.  When the gate finally opened, she accused me of “cutting in line” and complained about all my “shit.”  I told her “Excuse me,” and out came all of this animosity and childish accusations.  It seemed straight out of grade school.  There also was an immature fan further back who spent the waiting time yelling and making crude comments.  Of course his child was repeating what he was saying.  The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say.
And it was supposed to be a day where we all loved each other no matter what.  Oh well, some people just came for the jersey and have no idea what the day means.

 The guys were out in the field…Hi Adam!

 They were all watching batting practice with rapt interest.  Congratulations to Chris Hatcher on the birth of a new baby boy.

 Yaz and Chase

  Already a real nail biter
  JP, Adam and Kenley
   Kenta is becoming a huge fan favorite.  He’s always followed by the Japanese media.  He’s always nice about signing for the fans.  Notice how small the ball looks in his hand.
  I went up to the second floor to see if any new Bolsinger articles had come in and was happy to see what was waiting for me:  Mike’s spring training jersey.  My day was already improving.  I went up to the top deck to get a jersey personalized with “Maeken” on it.  I hope to get it autographed before Saturday’s game.
  I was a little late getting to the club and was annoyed to see that it was crowded….standing room only.  I was so perturbed I forgot to take a picture of the food.  I did take a picture of the salad.  The food was excellent:  the sirloin was scrumptious.  I had to praise Executive Chef Jason Tingley for the great food this season so far.  He told me he had been the Executive Chef for 7 years now.
  Beautiful Dulce is the excellent manager of the club.

 I got out to the field in time to see Clayton walking to the bullpen to stretch and warm up.  I was totally out of my routine.  I hate being late for anything.  Clayton is probably the same way.  Most baseball players do have a certain schedule and rarely wavers from it.

 He beat hardworking AJ out to the field.

   Clayton’s routine stretching
   It’s always fun to watch him.  I guess he’s watching me too.
I take this picture every time he pitches but I never tire of it.  Beautiful iconic Dodger Stadium and our ace Clayton.

 The guys came out one at a time…all number 42.  Uh OK.  I think that the fans who never seem to get their names right even with the right numbers will definitely have a problem.

 Everyone is number 42 no matter what color they are.  That is the way life should be.  We’re all the same.


Two of our best new players:  Charlie and Trayce.

 If you identify the players by their number, today you are out of luck.

  Magic Johnson escorted Rachel Robinson out to the field.  She still is a beautiful lady.
  Frank Robinson was also introduced.  I love this picture of Mr Robinson with our own Dave Roberts.
I had met the Jackie’s daughter Sharon a few years ago.  What a wonderful person she is.

  A very cute young lady named Morgan was anxious to get Yasiel’s autograph for her Dad.  I called Yasiel over and pointed to her.
  Puig being Puig was happy to sign hers and others as he does just about every game.  I love Puig.  
 One of my favorite families: the Malones.  Robert, Carol and big boy Lucas.

  Kershaw and AJ making that traditional walk from the bullpen to the dugout
  Kike signed an autograph on the field
  First pitch
  I have to confess I was a little distracted by Madison Bumgarner.  I am an avid reader of Bumgarner Snotrockets, a MLB blog written by a very funny young lady.  She counts how many he produces each game.  I realized that there are many…I hate to have to do his laundry.
  One more Snotrocket before we start.
   But Kike surprised everyone with a huge home run blast with the first MadBum pitch.
  We couldn’t believe what we had just seen.  Bumgarner is very hard to hit.  Kike somehow has his number.
  Well, he won’t ever ever do that again.  Right?
 And then Kike did it again the next time he was up.  How does Kike have MadBum’s number??  Two home runs in one game.

  Well, that just upsets everyone.
 There were 7 runs scored against Bumgarner.  He was definitely not himself.  Seven runs is the most that the Dodgers have ever scored against him.
  Besides Kike, Charley Culberson was a key player this game.  Here we are before the game.  He is one of the best acquisitions the Dodgers made this season.
Everything seemed to be going the Dodgers’ way.

  I had to go to the club for my ice cream and cookies.  I had coconut pineapple ice cream which was perfect.
  I saw Dylan, the son of my good friend Yoshiko, and his friend Jack.  It was nice to see him.  
  My very serious usher Peter.  I still show him my ticket even though he’s seen me 4 games so far.  He’ll learn no one else will ever sit in my seat.  Ever.
A drunk saw me taking a picture of Peter.  He pestered me most of the game to take HIS picture.  Uh no.  He was all in my face.

  Chris Hatcher came in to relieve.  The door slowly began to close on the Giants.  There was a couple of shaky moments but the Giants never were able to come close.
  The guys were ecstatic
 Joe Blanton came in to close the game.  Everything seemed to go right for the Dodgers.  Clayton was not his perfect self but he was still good.  Clayton not being the best is still better than any other pitcher in baseball.

 The last pitch

 The final score on Jackie Robinson Day.

 It was a good day.  It ended well.  There were good feelings all around.  

The Dodgers continue their series with the Giants today with Scott Kazmir and Johnny Cueto.  Should be interesting.  It’s another giveaway day, the giveaway being a Dodger knit cap.  Hopefully it won’t be as crowded.  The last two days have been packed, both being sellouts.  

Thank you for stopping by.  

 I thought I would leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures so far:  Lily and Lucas, and Matt Lily’s Dad in the bottom picture.

See you soon.  Please stop and say hello if you are at Dodger Stadium.  GO DODGERS!!!


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