Winning the Series

 There is so much satisfaction when your team can win the first home series.  It may have been a tough go but seeing all the rough spots smoothed out for the last 2 games made us all breathe a sigh of relief.

  This is the exciting time…bottom of the ninth with the score 5-2 and Kenley is closing.  You just know that you’ll be hearing “I Love LA” soon.
  The key in winning this series fell on Kenley’s shoulders.  It was a smart call on the part of manager Dave Roberts.
  I think I am getting ahead of myself.  Let’s go back to the beginning.  Thursday was a good day overall anyway.  We were expecting gusty winds but it was a gorgeous perfect day.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
  Wonderful Lisa was there to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be.
 The guys were out there shagging balls.
  Adam Liberatore was back up since Chris Hatcher was placed on paternity leave.  Hi Adam.
  You can always tell where Joc is by the rakish way he wears his cap.
  What goes up must come down.
  Good to have Yaz back in full force.
   I love batting practice.  It’s a privilege to be able to be out there.
One pet peeve I have is when “fans” talk about the players in very loud voices.  Some voices carry and whatever is said can be heard all over the stadium.  Case in point.  I remember a few seasons ago when Shane Victorino played with the Dodgers.  During batting practice the kids kept yelling at him to throw them the ball.  I told them that he would not throw the ball to them so to stop yelling at him.  I was speaking quietly to them.  After batting practice he tossed the ball to the boys and told me “See, I do throw the ball.”  After that he always spoke to me and said hi.  I realized then that nothing should be said in the stands that is negative because they really can hear what’s being said.  Much of it is very hurtful.  

Yesterday a few people were talking badly about some of the players because they don’t sign autographs.  I don’t feel that signing for fans is that important.  It is nice but not mandatory.  A fan in particular was complaining about AJ.  He is just not one who signs much but we all know that so why keep pestering him.  And above all why talk evil about him when he doesn’t.  Adrian Gonzalez is another player who doesn’t sign much but that’s also a known fact so get over it.  Making a big deal about it and complaining loudly about it doesn’t help.  I had to move away from the complaining group because I don’t want the players to think I feel that way.  I’m sure that bits and pieces of that conversation could be heard on the field, like “Does Gonzalez think he’s God?” Or “Ellis wouldn’t be playing if it weren’t for Kershaw.  He isn’t any good.”  It’s no wonder they don’t want to sign.  The players tend to shy away from loud and obnoxious.  They also seem to know which fans get many balls and many autographs.  How many can a person store?  There are those who get autographs to sell.  

There has only been one player who was unpleasant to me and that was Howie Kendrick.  He commented to me in a nasty tone that I was at every game.  That is a fact but is it a negative fact?  I am not one to get many autographs, maybe one each on a ball once a season.  I call it the team ball.  I get stressed out asking the players for anything but when Howie chopped me off at the knees, I started to cry.  Luckily that day, the other players saw what happened and rallied around me.  Thank you Mike Bolsinger, Joc, and Andre.  I’ll never ask Howie for another autograph ever.

  Hi Kenta San.
 I went to the Club to eat.  The food seems to get better and better if that’s possible.  The fare consisted of a delicious tri tip, roast turkey, asparagus and squash, and delicious salads.  I kept going back for more.  Dulce, the manager of the club, told me they were trying to spice up the food a little.  

  Robin and myself.


  AJ made his way to the bullpen.  I really love AJ.  He turned to say hi to me as he walked by.


 He ran a little and stretched.


 Then the star of the show Ross Stripling walked to the bullpen.  He had a no hitter in the 7th his last start.  It also happened to be his first MLB start.


 He warmed up and stretched and discussed current events with the guys



 Newcomer Trayce Thompson is a fan favorite 


 Austin Barnes is multi talented and can play other positions besides catcher.


 And there is my favorite guy..Howie Kendrick.

  He is sporting a very interesting hair style.  It looks like an orange faux hawk.


 Can I tell you any more that I am in love with Puig??



 Yasiel is and always will be one of my favorites.  He is always nice to the fans, signs everyday for the kids, never is rude.  The fans talked smack about him a lot but he was always the same.  That takes maturity.


 AJ and Ross walked the traditional walk from bullpen to dugout.  Ross seemed to be deep in thought.

  The umpires discussed how they could make life rough for the Dodgers.

  The kids took the field with the Dodgers and got their autographs.

  And the game started with the first pitch.

I have to say that the game was a sleeper at first.  I wasn’t sure if it was the fact I was tired or whether it was because the game was slow but everyone assured me that it was the latter.





 The Dodgers did get on base a few times.  The D Backs seemed to be the winning team with Nick Ahmed scoring Chris Hermann in the 6th.  Socrates Brito also scored which made the score 0-2.  I was having a sinking feeling so I went up to the club to get my ice cream and cookies.  They always provide some comfort.

  With Austin and Trayce on base, the pistol Justin Turner singled scoring Trayce!  We were on our feet.  This was the first real action all game.  The score was 1-2 in the blink of an eye.  It probably helped that Delgado was now pitching in relief.

 The D Backs always seemed to be in some sort of discussion.  They seem to like to hit our players.  The day before they hit Justin twice, once hitting his hand.  His hand was still swollen so he didn’t start.  They had also plunked Howie.    

  But it was Kike who did the damage.  He doubled scoring both Austin and Justin.
 Yasiel singled scoring Kike which made the score 4-2.  We were all standing by that time.  

   Adrian singled scoring Yasiel making the score 5-2.
It was like magic.  Suddenly the tables were turned and the offense exploded.

  Yimi Garcia came in in relief.
   The guys were all in high alert at their positions to keep the D Backs from scoring.
  And big guy Jansen came in to close.  When we hear his walk on music, it just sends us into a frenzy.
  We were all excited.
  This is the score that we like to see.  Jansen was able to contain the D Backs.
 The final score was 5-2.  The Dodgers had won the series.

The Dodgers continue their homestand today with the San Francisco Giants.  They are both 6-4 in the standings.  It’s a big day since it is Jackie Robinson Day.  The giveaway is a Jackie Robinson jersey.  Ace Clayton Kershaw and Giants formidable Madison Bumgarner will be pitching.  It will be a great day.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be posting pictures from Opening Day in future blogs.  I appreciate all the support.  GO DODGERS!!!  


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