The Good and the Bad

  Happy Opening Day.  At least some of it was happy.
Today I am dead tired.  It must have been the fact I feel as though I have driven to Timbuktoo and back.  I spent 3 1/2 hours on the freeway and only drove to LA from Long Beach and back.  The traffic was the worst ever.  I realized that I have 5 more games this week and felt even worse.

The weather was supposed to be in the 60’s but felt more like the 80’s.  I hate hot weather.  Sunday will hit the 80’s so it will probably feel more like 100.  At least Sunday’s game will take place in the evening.  The in-seat service was a bit lacking.  They have new people so I really don’t blame them.  In fact they have many new people.  They reshuffled the ushers.  I heard that this was done because there were people who really didn’t have tickets to be in baseline section were getting access to that section so some of the ushers were banished to different areas.  It makes me sad that people take advantage at other’s expense.

The bullpen totally makes me cringe.  I know.  I know.  The season has just started.  However the bullpen was a huge problem last year and it hasn’t fixed itself.  If I were Stripling or Maeda, I would be totally angry.  They should have had wins.  Stripling had a no hitter when he left and opponents are still scoreless against Maeda.

The offense is doing well and so is the defense.  Our starters are actually pretty good but the bullpen just makes their efforts pointless.  I felt horrible for Kenta who left the game 1-0.  Chalk up a home run scored thanks to Baez, another thanks to Hatcher.  Chalk up two more runs courtesy of Coleman and you have the Dodgers losing their home opener to a sellout crowd.

That was the bad.

 The good….the Opening Day pin is nice.  

  The tee shirt is spectacular.  One for my son of course.
 The food was pretty good.  The flower was a nice touch to the best salads I have ever had at the club.  The green curry turkey was wonderful, the rib eye was juicy and tender.  The shrimp and calamari pasta was out of this world.  I realized I had really missed the food in the club.  There were no cookies but instead they had a gigantic Dodger cake during the 7th inning.

  Joc was nice as usual.  He’s found his swing this season.  I’m happy for him.
  I saw the best looking guys at Dodger Stadium again.
  Their Dad is not so bad either
  Jack totally loves his Dad as you can tell.  It warms the soul.
  It’s amazing to see little Lucas Malone growing from a tiny preemie to the big boy he is now.  Robert and Carol are two of my favorite people.
  It’s always fun to listen to some discussion about life and Dodgers in general.
 Do you get the feeling some of the Dodgers were really not into acknowledging that the fans exist.  Hi Yaz.

  Yes….you too, Kike.  He does love his dog though.
  One nice nice guy…Charlie Culberson, who stopped to say hello and sign a couple of balls.
 And beautiful Andre who always stops to say hello.  It breaks my heart to see him on crutches.  It was so nice to see that adorable smile.  We all miss him.  His attitude never changes.  He’s always upbeat and friendly even with a fractured tibia.

  It was nice to see some of our legends as part of the opening ceremonies.  There was a tribute to Vin Scully who has said that this is his last season as the Dodger announcer.
I’ll have more pictures later.  I still have to download the ones I have on my camera.  I was so tired this morning, I couldn’t find my SD card adaptor.  Keep looking in and I’ll have a lot more pictures of Opening Day.

  I was a bit upset that the stamp to get into the club had become a smudge and that the new girl at the door doubted that I had access.  She’ll learn that I’m at every game.  Does she believe that I put a red smudge on my wrist?
  I did wear my Kenta shirt.  The highlight of my day occurred as Kenta walked from the bullpen to the dugout with AJ before the game.  Usually the pitchers don’t even look at the fans but Kenta looked my way and touched my hand as he walked by.   Life was ok from then on.
Today we have another chance with the D Backs who really aren’t that good.  Dave Roberts isn’t planning on changing the bullpen mainly because he has nothing out there.  It looks like Liberatore is doing pretty good in minors.  If the bullpen keeps losing games, we have no chance to get anywhere.  The Giants have a strong team as usual and is the team to beat.

It was interesting to hear Zack Greinke’s interview before the game.  I will always love Zack.  He is straight to the point.  He pointed out that no one’s budget is limitless which is probably why he wasn’t signed.  What starting pitchers we could have had with Kershaw, Greinke, Maeda, Ryu and McCarthy.  Wood is still a big question mark.  We’ll see today.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll write more about Opening Day when I can find my SD card adaptor.  Hopefully the bullpen can find their groove.  GO DODGERS!!!

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