Landing Back on Earth

After the losing weekend in San Francisco, the Dodgers fell back to earth in a big way.  Reality check!! Sweeping the Padres gave everyone a feeling of euphoria but almost getting swept by the Giants brought everyone back from the dream.

The season opener is Tuesday after the season is well under way. I feel as though I’ve already played out the season. All the up’s and downs of baseball came back to me. Baseball is a tough game. Everyday is a new day. One day everything is right with the world and then the next you are in total anguish.

I’m looking forward to our opening day although everyone else has already had theirs. The preview for me were the exhibition games. Of course as it is at the beginning of most seasons, I really didn’t recognize any of the players. No Andre. That was the big one. I always looked forward to seeing his big goofy grin. I think all our players who are on DL will be at our opening day. I hope to see Mike Bolsinger.  Yes, Mike you are still my number one. A close second is new pitcher Kenta Maeda who will be our pitcher on opening day. 

  I will be wearing my Kenta shirt. My jersey has not arrived yet.
  I’m hoping Kenta-San has another great outing.
I’ll also have one of Mike’s jerseys. I have his Memorial Day jersey with the red, white and blue numbers. I also have one of his regular jerseys. Too warm to wear the Dodger jacket he gave me. I will be ready!!

I’m looking forward to seeing my buddies again. 

That’s probably the best part. I have such wonderful friends at the stadium.

  I think Dodger Stadium is one of the nicest, most traditional stadium in baseball.
  We have love for everyone.
  We have the most flexible players for sure.
  Also the best looking
  All types of personalities
  They definitely take the best selfies
  We have Tommy Lasorda
  We have hometown boys like Justin Turner and Chase Utley from Long Beach
 We have the best looking fans

  My seat is waiting
 Only a couple more days to wait.  One more night of work!

Thanks for stopping by.  So excited to share Opening Day with you. GO DODGERS! 

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