We’ve Only Just Begun

The Dodgers have had a very good beginning.  I was at work on Monday when they were playing the Padres on their Openng Day.  I was a little worried I have to admit.  There were so many injured players.  Key players are hurt including Andre Ethier, Yasmani Grandal and Howie Kendrick.  I was hoping for a good showing but I was pleasantly surprised with a huge routing of the Padres by the Dodgers and our ace Clayton Kershaw.  It turns out that their 15-0 shutout victory set a MLB record as most runs scored on an Opening Day.

I have to say that I feel a lot of pride for my guys.  No matter what, they rise to the occasion.  Take for example, Scott Kazmir, who in the second game matched ace Clayton Kershaw with a one hit game.  There were doubters as usual.

So who cares about velocity, Scott is the real thing.

And let’s not keep hearing any more negative about Yasiel Puig.

  All you Puig haters need to fast forward to now.  He has looked great….he’s very trim and focused.  To me he is still the super nice guy who always acknowledges his fans.  He has never changed in my eyes.  I have supported him and always will. 
The first two games, the Dodgers have looked pretty awesome.  I really can’t wait until they come back to Dodger Stadium. The anticipation is killing me.  I have to wait until April 12, Tuesday, which is Opening Day for the Dodgers, the last MLB team to have their home Opening Day.  

I have to say I feel sorry for Zack Greinke and his less than stellar Opening Day start for the D Backs. He didn’t look like the Dodger Zack.  I always thought that he was better as the second starter behind Clayton.  He’s not meant to be the number one just because of his personality and mind set.  He and Clayton had a friendly competition going.  Zack will always be one of my favorite Dodgers no matter what team he is on.

Today will be Kenta Maeda’s Dodger debut against formidable Andrew Cashner.  The Dodgers will be going for a shutout against the Padres.  Good luck to one of my favorites….Kenta.

The Dodgers will then be going up north to play against the Giants.  I have a feeling that the Giants will be the team to beat in our division.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Lots of luck to my guys today.  Let’s get the sweep!!!   GO DODGERS!!!

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