Exhibition Game #1

  It was a gorgeous day. Wait….I’m getting ahead of myself.
I forgot how bad traffic can be through Los Angeles.  It all came back to me on the way to the game.

And I also had forgotten everything that annoys me but that all came back to me too. 

  Somehow all those six months that I brooded and complained about how long the offseason was, it just seemed like I had never left. The familiar faces were mostly there.
  The guys were all out there minus a few (actually a lot) on DL. As usual I didn’t recognize most of the players on the field which is par for the course at the beginning of the season.
 I did get to to say hi to new manager Dave Roberts. What a nice guy he is.  I was really missing Andre Ethier. He won’t be back for a while because of his tibia fracture.

   Lots of new faces I’ll have to put names to.
  And every once is a while, a familiar face like Kenley.

  I was excited seeing Kenta Maeda again. I was able to snag an autograph from him. I think he signed on the sweet spot.   

 The food was delicious as usual. The fare included red wine marinated chicken, cheesy potato gratin, spring carbonara, BBQ spiced turkey meatloaf.  Salads included loaded pasta salad, Greek Caesar salad and pozole salad.

It was wonderful to see Yoshiko again. How I missed her!!

  The baseline club  hasn’t changed much.  Same super staff.
  It was nice seeing Corey Seager again.
 Yasiel Puig signed several autographs. He still gets a lot of criticism but everyone wants his autograph.  He always is nice enough to sign just about everyday.

  A new in seat treat is this green salsa feta cheese jalapeño nacho dish.  So yummy!

The Dodgers lost to the Angels 1-2. The only real offense involved Puig. Come on everyone, please stop picking on him!!! He has really worked hard, losing weight and focusing. 

I’ll post another entry later. I haven’t finished restoring my new iPad and am pecking this blog with one finger since my new keyboard hasn’t arrived. 

Thanks for stopping by. I am so thrilled to be able to go to my “happy place” again. Life is good. Thank you for checking in with me in the offseason. GO DODGERS!! 

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