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The first day that the Dodgers return to Dodger Stadium is getting closer, only 2 days away.  There will be many changes, the most obvious is new manager Dave Roberts.

  The early buzz is that everyone is happy to have him come aboard.  
  With all the injuries during Spring Training, Yasmani Grandal will most likely be placed on 15 day DL with Austin Barnes being kept on the 25 man team.
  Austin Barnes is a good choice to keep on the team because besides being a catcher, he can also play a few infield positions.
  With Andre Ethier out with a fractured tibia until probably June, ever present Scott Van Slyke will start.  Adam Liberatore was optioned back to minors.  The cuts keep coming.
  The good news is that there will be early batting practice during the exhibition games Thursday and Friday with an MVP card which we already have received.  So baseball season will begin at Dodger Stadium.  I’m happy because with the card, I can start shopping with my discount.
I’m a diehard Apple geek.  I’m getting the new smaller version of the IPad Pro.  Whenever I make a larger purchase, I have to make arrangements with my credit union who keeps everyone’s limit at $500 a day.  I had made those arrangements during the pre order time.  I thought everything was ok but I got a notice from Apple Online that my card company had denied the purchase.  At the same time, Fraud Prevention called me telling me there was an unauthorized purchase on my card.  Nothing gets me more upset than getting denied my Apple products.  I straightened it out with my Credit Union who claimed they never would do such a thing.  I called Apple to make sure my purchase would go through since it would be the end of the world if I didn’t get my iPad the first day it came out.  I talked to a very nice Apple advisor named Charles.  He assured me that they had been able to get my purchase approved that same day and that I would get my iPad on Thursday.  Apple gets an A in my book for their very fine staff.  I have gotten notices that I will get the keyboard and the case but not the iPad so far.  Really???

I also had problems with Target the same day.  Apparently their debit card has gone to cards with chips.  I had not gotten mine yet but my old card was denied.  Talk about embarrassment.  I got on the phone and talked to someone with a very strong accent.  Geeeeez.  I won’t get a new card with a freaking chip for 2 weeks.  The Target rep said I could call them every time I went to Target and still get the 5% off using my Visa card.  How inconvenient!!  Guess who won’t be going to Target for at least 2 weeks. So anyone who has a Target debit card without a chip, BEWARE!  

I was totally talked out.  I am not one who talks on the phone much anyway.  The only time I do talk on the phone is at work. The only person I actually talk on the phone to is my sister. 

Another Dodger story is the retirement of Jamey Wright.  I always had liked him, a good player and very nice guy.

Norma’s shirt finally came in the mail.  At last.  Hopefully it’s the right size.

So I am all set….hopefully.

Thanks for stopping by.  I am beyond excited about the baseball season starting.  The Dodgers are coming back to LA from Arizona tomorrow.  I have missed them.  GO DODGERS!!! 


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