Exciting Times

I love printing up my tickets.  It means that the season is just around the corner.  I noticed that there are quite a few day games.  I hate day games but the heat won’t be as bad as the heat in Arizona.  It was truly oppressive there.  
The first games at Dodger Stadium take place at the end of the week against the Angels.  They are actually exhibition games.  I noticed when I printed up the tickets that the Baseline Club is no longer the Ketel One Baseline Club.  It’s just known as the Baseline Club as it was originally.  I wonder if there are any changes if any.  I hope it doesn’t affect the food that they serve in the club.  

The season will probably start with many injured players.  They had always blamed the trainers but now that they have reshuffled and fired many of them, the injuries seem to be worse, the latest being Yaiel Puig with a hamstring problem.  Scott Kazmir noticed an abdominal problem but insisted it wasn’t anything.  Yasmani Grandal probably won’t be ready for Opening Day because of a forearm issue.  Also sidelined so far this Spring Training is Mike Bolsinger.  No word on when he will be ready.  That pretty much puts him out of the running for the 5th spot.  Zach Lee who just went down to minors has another chance.  Latest injuries include Yimi Garcia and possibly Kike Hernandez.  We all are upset about Andre Ethier and his tibia fracture.  The injuries keep on multiplying so it’s hard to tell who will be in the starting lineup come Opening Day.

  I was excited to get my MVP card yesterday.  It allows me early access to the Stadium on evening games, a 30% discount on items from the Dodger Stadium Stores and a few other perks.  It actually is a nice looking card this year.
Opening Day isn’t until April 12 so I have a bit of a wait.  The Dodgers play on the road before actually opening at Dodger Stadium which is really weird.  There are quite a few days between the exhibition games and the first official games of the season.

I’ve decided that most of the Dodger shirts I’ll wear will be originals that I had made.  I’m a little tired of the shirts that I can buy ready made.  Everyone has the same ones.  My favorite are my Cat Loves the Dodgers shirts.  Look for me at Dodger Stadium wearing those original shirts.  Thank you to Zinofresh for making them. 

There was an interesting article about one of my favorite Dodgers Javy Guerra. Please read. I remember giving him homemade chocolate chip cookies the day after they took the closer position away from him.  http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20160326/tragedies-gave-angels-pitcher-javy-guerra-new-perspective-on-work-life

Javy told me that the gesture meant a lot to him. He is a kind kind soul.

Thank you everyone for stopping by.  Can’t wait until the end of the week when I can see my guys again.  GO DODGERS!  Please stay well!!!

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