Less Than a Week To Go

The first game at Dodger Stadium this season will take place in less than a week.  It is an exhibition game on 3/31 Thursday with the Angels.  I’m looking forward to seeing them on their home turf.

I still can’t print my tickets which is totally aggravating to me since I love having them printed weeks before the first game.  There’s always some sort of glitch.  The MVP cards also haven’t gone out and probably won’t be ready until the home opener on April 12.  Why they wait until the last minute is beyond me.

I’m still waiting for my friend Norma’s tee shirt to arrive.  There had been a sizing problem.  I was hoping to have it for Spring Training but now I’m hoping to have it by the first game.

There was a blogger’s luncheon at the stadium last week.  They totally forgot me.  I guess I don’t count.   Being in the top 100 MLB blogs doesn’t matter I guess.

As the first game approaches, it seems everyone has been or is injured.  It doesn’t say much for the trainers.  So far the injury list includes Brett Anderson who will be out for a while, Andre Ethier who has a fractured tibia and won’t be playing for at least 10-14 weeks.  Mike Bolsinger who was slated to be one of the starting 5 pitchers has been sidelined with an oblique issue.  Yasmani Grandal has problems with a sore forearm.  Corey Seager is getting back after being out.  Scott Van Slyke also had an injury.  The last problem was Howie Kendrick scratched from a Spring Training game.  Almost everyone had something going on.  So where are the trainers and why are so many of the players injured even before the gates of Dodger Stadium open?

It’s been a difficult week at work.  I do love my work which gets me through it.   I get a little discouraged but at least I have my Dodgers to cheer me up.  

I wish I had good news to report.  I’m sure it will get better.  

Thanks for stopping by.  My blog will be in full swing this coming week when the season actually starts.  Thank you for supporting me.

Meanwhile let me end on a nice note.  Here is a picture of some wonderful Dodger fans, including one of the nicest, most dedicated pharmacists at my work, Helen.  She is pictured second from the left.  Hi Helen!!!


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