Injury Update

Unfortunately Andre Ethier’s injury is not any better.  He is still on crutches.  Three days after he fouled a ball off of his lower leg, there should be some improvement.  Results of the MRI will be available today.  He is projected to be starting in left field.  We have a deep bench so Carl Crawford could take his place if necessary.

Good news is that Mike Bolsinger’s abdominal strain (or oblique injury!! Gulp) seems to be improving.  They already are talking about bringing Zack Lee back up from minors to take his spot in the rotation temporarily.  Brandon Beachy won’t be available for a while.

  I’m hoping that Mike gets his well deserved chance to be part of the starting rotation for the Dodgers come Opening Day.  Get well soon Mike.  You have many supporters…myself being your number one fan!!!
Thanks for stopping by.  The countdown is on for Opening Day.  There are exhibition games against the Angels at Dodger Stadium March 31 and April 1.  That will be our first glimpse of the guys at Dodger Stadium this year.  GO DODGERS!!  Hopefully there will be no more injuries before then.


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