When Blankety-Blank Happens

  Everyone knows that my favorite player is Mike Bolsinger.  I told him that I had my fingers crossed that he would be the fifth starter.  It was to happen.  Zach Lee was sent down to minors, Brandon Beachy is hurt.  The stage was set.
I was ready to watch Mike pitch against the Padres on Saturday but he was a last minute scratch.  I was concerned.  Apparently he felt a slight catch in his left abdomen.  OMG.  An infamous oblique strain!!!  What horrible luck.

Now the fifth spot is open again.  How long Mike will be out is a concern.  Oblique injuries are insidious.  He could be out for a while.  Here was his chance.  His Dad who is on Twitter has decided to close his account @JRBOLSINGER. Please don’t lose hope Dad!   Mike, we all are behind you.  Get better fast.

Ran across a picture of Josh Ravin’s cast.  Notice the autographs?  

Thanks for stopping by.  See you soon.  Baseball season is just around the corner.

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