Talking Stick

 Salt River Stadium at Talking Stick is located in Scottsdale AZ.  I actually like it better than Camelback Stadium as far as the stadium itself goes.  There is some shade and the concessions consist of interesting fare other than the usual food items.

  When we first entered, there was a group dancing to an interesting beat.  It added to the allure of this stadium.
  The field itself is well kept which must be a chore because of the hot dry weather.
  Our seats were right behind Dave Roberts.  Thank you Norma for the fantastic seats!  I really didn’t like taking pictures through the screen.
  The famous Andre Ethier swing
  Justin Turner
  There was so much food to choose from:  Indian fry bread, fried soba noodles, a delicious looking hamburger and handcut French fries, a huge hot dog, but I finally decided on the BBQ plate which consisted of cole slaw (one of the best I’ve ever had), baked beans, 3 sliders: chicken, beef brisket, and pulled pork.  It was amazing that it was stadium food.  It definitely made me crave the excellent food at the Ketel One Baseline Club at Dodger Stadium.
  The D Backs were formidable opponents as usual.
  There were more D Backs fans than Dodger fans although we were well represented.  It’s about an hour drive to the stadium.  I think many fans chose to go to Camelback  to get autographs than to come to this stadium although it was sold out.  We were hoping to see ex Dodger Zack Greinke but he must have been in air conditioning somewhere.  Here’s another shot of Turner.
  We always love to see Andre Ethier, the nicest Dodger.
 We were horrified to see him hit a foul ball off his shin.  

  He was able to walk off the field but we saw a cart taking him back to the locker room.  He has a bad bruise but no fracture.  He is day to day.
We drove back to Glendale unhappy about Andre’s injury and also brooding about the loss to the D Backs, 11-8.

I flew back to Long Beach that evening, tired but happy about a glorious Spring Training trip.

All the pictures so far on my blog this year were taken by my IPhone.  I did buy another Nikon camera with the 83x zoom but did not use those pictures.  I may add some to existing blog entries later on.

Thanks you for stopping by.  I appreciate all your support.  

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