Spring Training Blues

   I said good bye to lovely Residence Inn and went on to Comfort Suites.  I was a bit upset because I had booked a private shuttle to take me to my new hotel but they never arrived.  I called them again but they talked to me as though I were at fault and hadn’t called.  I told them I just pushed redial to call them that morning so how could I not have talked to someone at their business.  I arrived at Comfort Suites later than I would have wanted to.  My room wasn’t ready so they were gracious enough to store my luggage.  Their FREE shuttle took me to the ball park in plenty of time for practice.

  I met a very lovely lady, Debbie, from Vancouver who had come to Glendale to watch Spring Training with her sons.  What a super mom she is!!!
  Most of the players were not really into signing.

You can tell when the guys just aren’t into signing.  You get a clue when they run past.


Kike signed for everyone.  He was very friendly.  


Kenta Maeda signed for the kids.  I asked him if I could get a selfie.  I don’t think he knew what I was saying.  I like this selfie anyway.  It was pretty good considering everyone was pushing on us.



 Cute pictures of Kenta Maeda, our new pitcher.  He is definitely a fan favorite. 

 Then I saw my favorite Mike Bolsinger.  I was very nervous.

I didn’t need to be because he gave me a huge long hug and took a cute selfie with me.  Life is good.

Everything else was a big haze for me because I was just super excited about Kenta and Mike….my two favorites.  If nothing good happened the rest of the day, it’s wouldn’t matter.

It was horribly hot at game time…in the 90’s.  Anyone who knows the Cat knows she does not like heat or sun.  Plenty of it in Camelback AZ.  I had vowed the first year I came out that I would never come to this inferno again.

  At least I was with good friends: Crystal, Alyssa and Cece.

 Yasiel Puig came by right before the game and signed a ball for me.  I have several things signed by him but he doesn’t mind signing for me.

  Yaz walked by as he usually does at Dodger Stadium.  I was getting nostalgic.  Gulp.
   They stretched before the game as they usually do.  Notice Joc several inches off the ground in the second picture.
  National Anthem
  Have to have a food picture.  I decided to try the noodles at Wok Off.  Don’t you love the name?  Not bad.

  But it was this Italian Ice that saved my life.  My pulse was racing.  I knew I was dehydrated.  I just didn’t want to pass out and embarrass myself.  I really am not good in hot weather.
The Dodgers did well in this game with the Rockies.  The score was 7-3.  Puig hit a homerun.  It seems whenever he signs for me, he hits a homerun.  Maybe I should have him sign more often.  

I couldn’t wait to leave the game and that horribly hot stadium.  We decided to eat at Cracker Barrel.  It isn’t a California restaurant.  Good food.  A lot of food.  Fantastic prices.

 It has a general store attached to it.

I decided on a rib eye steak, baked potato and salad.  I can’t remember the last time I had steak or a baked potato.  The food was delicious.

  We stopped at a card shop.  The MLB balls were a good deal.  Since I flew in, I didn’t want to add more weight to my luggage.
   I couldn’t wait to go back to the hotel and check in.  They had my luggage in the office.  I had the Presidential Suite.  It is like an apartment complete with a separate bathtub and shower,  a kitchen with a full size refrigerator, a patio area.
It’s a beautiful suite.

  I couldn’t wait to just fall into this king size bed.  I could live here.!
I didn’t write this blog the first night.  I was too tired.  Sorry.

Thanks for stopping by.  I am still recuperating from the blazing sun.  Poor Mika had a bad sunburn on her face.  There were several people at the stadium having heat related problems.  The paramedics were busy.  It will be hotter in Arizona this coming weekend.  Let me out of here!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Baseball has begun!!


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