At Long Last!

I could hardly contain myself while I waited for my flight to take off from Long Beach Airport.

The plane finally arrived from Phoenix.  

  Long Beach looks amazing from above.
I’m staying at Residence Inn, a branch of the Marriott.  It’s a bit pricey but very nice.  The ride from the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix took forever. By the time I arrived in Glendale, it was already almost 6.   They serve dinner for their guests so I hurried and went upstairs to my room.

This is the kitchen.  It has a full size fridge, stove and microwave.  It would be a nice place to stay over a period of time.

  The living room is spacious.
  I set up my office on the king size bed.  Blog time.
  They served dinner which consisted of marinara meatballs, garlic bread, Caesar salad, blue moon beer.
I was surprised to see Tommy Lasorda’s sitting at a table eating.  He was talking about Mike Bolsinger.  He graciously agreed to a selfie with me.  He told me I should adopt Mike Bolsinger.  Then he said maybe I should adopt him.

I went outside and just caught a glimpse of Scotty Van Slyke leaving with his family.

I decided it was time to go back up to my room and plan my day tomorrow.  Comfort Suites offers a free shuttle to anywhere within a 6 mile radius but Residence Inn charges $5 for a ride.  That really isn’t too costly.  I booked a ride from here to Comfort Suites at 7:30am.  That would give me time to eat breakfast which starts at 6:00 I want to get to the ballpark about 8:00 so I think the timing is right.  Comfort Suites agreed to hold my luggage if my room wasn’t ready.  That way there would be no holdup.

So tomorrow starts my Spring Training adventure.  Today went well without a hitch.  I am a little tired since I worked last night and haven’t slept.   Tomorrow will be a little more organized.  My friend Norma will arrive with her sister, Donna and Mika.  We plan on having a great time.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Baseball has begun.  GO DODGERS!!!!


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