The Countdown

I can’t believe that baseball season is here…at least it’s Spring Training.  Only a little over a week before I will be able to see my Dodgers again.  I have a new suitcase and camera, ready to go.  I ordered custom shirts and hope to be receiving them this week.   We will be attending games on St. Patrick’s Day and I have new green stuff to wear.  Not sure which shirts I will wear since I have many new ones including Mike Bolsinger’s jersey from last year.  It actually is his.  I also have his jacket but considering it will be in the 80’s in Glendale AZ, I probably won’t have a chance to wear it.  I found two more MLB balls at Target.  I can’t believe that the balls are over $20 each now.  I’m not big on autographs but they are always fun to get during Spring Training. I can’t wait to see my friends again.  It will be fun as it always is with them.

I’m eager to watch new pitchers:  Kenta Maeda and Scott Kazmir.  So far they look amazing.  The Dodgers have had a great start, so far undefeated, with one tie.  

  Scott Kazmir during Fan Fest

My guy Mike Bolsinger had 2 scoreless innings a couple of days ago.

Thanks to Jon SooHoo for this picture of Mike taken during the game.  I hope to get my own pictures when I’m in Camelback.

Big news so far…Brett Anderson has been sidelined with a bulging disc for a few months.  That leaves the fifth spot open.  The top contenders appear to be Mike or Brandon Beachy.  However Zach Lee and Ross Stripling have both looked pretty good.

They both seem like super nice guys.

  Also great news is that Chase Utley won’t be serving any sort of suspension for his base slide.  I thought the suspension was questionable since there really wasn’t any rule in place about sliding.
Injuries already:  Ryu is having a few problems but isn’t expected back until May.  Julio Urias has a tight groin muscle.  Justin Turner is taking things slowly after his knee surgery.  Alex Guerrero has a sore left knee.  Josh Ravin is recovering from a fracture to his non throwing arm after an auto accident.  Brandon McCarthy still is aiming for June.

  I fancied up my stethoscope with a little bling.  I was busy reading some interesting blogs.  A special hello to Universo Beisbol!
My blog will be in full swing starting a week from Wednesday when I will be in Glendale AZ.  Thanks to everyone who has continued to check in with me.  It has been a busy offseason for me and will be even busier as the baseball season starts.  I promise to write something after every game during the regular season.  Hopefully I will always have good news.  

I hope everyone has had a good offseason.  Please keep in touch and let me know who will be in Camelback so I can touch bases with you.  See everyone soon!


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