Valentines Day

  We were pleasantly surprised by co-workers Jackie and Leslie with some sweet treats at work last night. My cupcake should say  I ❤ the Dodgers!!!

Thank you!! Both Dodger fans of course.

Rice crispy treats and chocolate strawberries

The best cupcakes ever.

Getting Spring Training plans firmed up. Flight…check! Place to stay…plans have changed for the better. Trying to keep on good terms with my friends. I’m a terrible sleeper, I wander around all night, sleep about an hour at a time, sleep patterns are terrible. Chalk it up to working night shift for many years. Probably staying alone rather than with the group. I thought about sleeping in the car. I have to write my blog in the middle of the night so I would probably keep people up.  I’m also super punctual, obsessively so. I have to be early for everything. Being late kills me. 

I bought a new carry on suitcase and back back. I was able to snag the last 6 Rawlings MLB baseballs that Target had online just in case I decide to get autographs. I’ll take my Bolsinger jerseys and a few Dodger tee shirts. I usually pack very lightly since I hate unpacking.

I have a month to figure it out. Meanwhile most of the Dodgers are already in Camelback. Where did the time go? Excitement is building. 

Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone had a great day. 

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