Hurry Up Spring Training

Dodger pitchers and catchers report to Camelback on February 22.  Full squad reports on February 28.  That makes it 16 days until we can preview the 2016 season.  I’m excited about new pitchers Scott Kazmir and Kenta Maeda.  Rounding out the starting pitchers are Clayton Kershaw, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Brett Anderson and Alex Wood. Brandon McCarthy should be ready by mid season.  It will be interesting how all this will play out.  It depends on how ready Ryu is.

So far Andre Ethier and Yasiel Puig are safe.  The owners have said that they have no plans to trade either of them but we all know how that goes.  We again start Spring Training with a glut of outfielders which always leads to speculation about trades.  We also have extra second base:  Chase Utley and recently signed Howie Kendrick.  The signing of Kendrick surprised me since he had chosen to check out the free agent market.  He apparently didn’t get what he wanted so he is back with the Dodgers.

There really weren’t any surprises for me during the offseason except Zack Greinke.  Not sure why he chose to leave the Dodgers except for the money.  I hope he’s happy.  He was always one of my favorites probably because he was so quirky besides being an awesome pitcher.  I don’t think he fits in well with every team because, hey let’s face it, he is outspoken.  Don’t ask him anything unless you really want an honest answer.  Tact is not his strong suit.  That’s another reason I liked him so much. 

I’m glad that baseball is starting soon.  I’m a little burned out with work.  I can only play so much with my 5 month old kitten.  My life is baseball and my blog.  Everyone asks me when baseball is starting again.  Soon, I tell them.

Thanks for stopping by.  My blog will be in full swing in a few weeks.  I appreciate everyone still checking in.  Go Dodgers!!

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