The Excitement Begins

I’m getting excited.  I’m making firm plans for Spring Training.  Yesterday I booked my flight to Phoenix.  I’m leaving on March 15 from Long Beach Airport (my favorite airport) and returning on March 18.  I will be going to 3 games, on the 16th, 17th and 18th.  Fifteen days until Spring Training starts.  Where did the time go?
Thanks to my friend Norma for purchasing the game tickets.  We always go to the game on St Patrick’s Day so that was a given.  She is driving up on the 16th with her sister and other friends.  She is driving back after the last game.  I had to arrive on the 15th because of the flight times from Long Beach Airport.  If I left on the 16th, it would be too late to attend the game.   

I reserved a room by myself for the night of the 15th at the Residence Inn Marriott.  It is a bit expensive because after all, it’s Spring Training.  The other nights, I’m staying with Norma and her friends.  It will be a little crowded but should be fun anyway.

I hope to see my Dodger friends at the Spring Training games.  It will be a nice start to the 2016 season.  

Yesterday they signed Greg Maddux and Raul Ibanez as special assistants to Andrew Friedman who is the Dodger president of baseball operations.  Their roles will be to assist in baseball operations:  scouting, player development and working with the players.  I always have had a special place in my heart for Greg Maddux who is in the Hall of Fame and was once a Dodger.

Thanks for stopping by.   I just got my new camera in the mail yesterday so I am all set!!!

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