Avoiding Arbitration

Good news this weekend.  All six players who had filed for arbitration reached one year deals:  Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen, Yasmani Grandal and Luis Avilan.  Jansen will be paid $10.65 million which is a $3,225,000 increase from this past season.  Grandal will earn $2.8 million after earning a paltry $693,000 this past year.  Turner signed for $5.1 million after a $2.5 million salary last year.  Avilan will make $1.39 million.

 Chris Hatcher signed to a $1,065,000 deal and Scotty Van Slyke got $1, 225,000 for one year.

Deadline was Feb 1 for a settlement and any unsettled cases would have gone to arbitration who then decides on the player’s salary.

I’m glad that the Dodger owners didn’t hold out as they seem to do.

Also welcome Los Angeles Rams.  They are returning to where they were before.  I know many football fans are excited and happy.  Los Angeles now has the Lakers, Dodgers, Rams, Kings, Galaxy.  Here we go!!

Also newly hired is Alex Anthopoulos as Dodgers VP of Baseball Operations.  He was named Executive of the Year by Sporting News last year for the deals he got for the Blue Jays in the postseason.  He will join president of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman, general manager Farhan Zaidi and senior Vice President Josh Byrnes.  The only higher up that seems accessible to fans is Stan Kasten, CEO, who spends quite a bit of time in the dugout.  

As Spring Training approaches, things are starting to look better.  I’m excited to see who will be at Fan Fest coming up in two weekends.  Hope everyone downloads their ticket and comes.  I would love to see everyone there.  Yes, a ticket is required this year so don’t show up without one.  Also bring lots of money because they have many good deals.  Last year they had five dollar tee shirts and many old player jerseys.  Most fun was an autographed ball grab bag.

I plan on going to Spring Training the middle of March with my friends.  Hopefully everything works out that I can go.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate all your support!


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