Just Around the Corner

As baseball season approaches,  Fan Fest looms in the near future.  It’s free including parking.  There are few things that are free so it’s a good chance to take advantage.   There will be many of the Dodgers there including some of the new ones…I hope.  It’s a good chance to see your Dodger friends and also many of the Dodger employees.  I try to go every year.  I hate the crowds but it’s well worth it.  This year it takes place on January 30, beginning at 10:00.  

It’s a good chance to see if my seat is still there.

And see your favorites.

Take selfies

And get up close and personal.  Love that Yasiel.  He always says hi and/or gives me a hug.

Spring Training is also just around the corner.  it’s an opportunity to see how the Dodgers will fare during the season.  I plan on going with my good friends Norma and Pat.  I always dread the heat in Arizona but last year it actually rained part of the time.

We had a great time.

Actually we had a great time.

  Glendale AZ is a beautiful place.
The scenery is definitely the best part.

It’s a nice way to start the baseball season.  The guys are usually happy to sign autographs and sign pictures.  It’s actually close enough to drive.

Thanks for stopping by.  See everyone very soon.




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