Thank You Everyone

  I feel very honored that my blog made the top 100 in 2015. Thank you everyone for your support and friendship.
I had stopped writing my blog for several years while I cared for my wonderful father who passed away. He knew that the Dodgers came second to him. He always encouraged me to write and always was there for me to offer suggestions and criticism. I still miss him but I know he is smiling at me from heaven today at what I have accomplished.

My goal for 2016 is to make my blog even more worth reading. I welcome suggestions. 

I am excited about our new pitcher Kenta Maeda who took #18 because in Japan, that number goes to the ace of the team.  He feels honored to be a Dodger and also to have that number. What does he like most about LA??? The shopping, of course. I’ll have to brush up on my very rusty Japanese!!

Thanks again everyone for stopping by. You make it all worth it!! 84 more days until OPENING DAY!!

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