My Stats For the Year

Thank you everyone for supporting me with my Dodger blog endeavors.  The 2015 stats just came out yesterday.  I was astounded that there were 5200 hits on my blog during the season. I had over 600 hits one day thanks to Stana Katic from the show “Castle” which is one of my favorite shows.  I had been lucky enough to get a pretty good picture of her throwing out the first pitch and she posted it on her website.  Thank you Stana!!

I have been very blessed this past season with my wonderful blog friends and also my fantastic Dodger Stadium friends. It is hard but rewarding work to write a blog. It usually takes me about 4 hours to sort through my 100’s of pictures of the day and then to write something that is not run of the mill.  I try to make my blog different from the other MLB blogs  with personal pictures and anecdotes of my personal interaction with the players.  I have been fortunate to have been able to go to all the home games for the past few years and wanted to share my experiences.  The way was to start writing a blog.

I want to thank my sister Jojo for putting up with my idiosyncrasies regarding my Dodger passion.  She understands that I am over the top when it comes to my team. I also want to thank all my friends many of whom share my love for the Dodgers.  They have always been my sounding board and also are a wealth of information.  I also want to thank my coworkers who have always been willing to trade nights with me so I could attend every game. They think I am a little weird but that’s ok.  I work fulltime as an ER nurse so it is difficult to get the nights off I need.  I want to thank the Premium Ticket staff including my rep Tess Gilmore who has been more than helpful, Craig, Sarah, and Bobby.  Also than you to Mark Newman the big kahuna of the MLBLOGS for recognizing me.

I have been able to get to know many of the players, most of all Andre Ethier, who is one of nicest, fan friendly, funniest guys every.  I have gotten to know Mike Bolsinger who sometimes gets lost in the translation.  He was my favorite player last season because of how kind he always was to me.  I try to give a true depiction of what they are really like.  Yasiel Puig is given probably the worst press of any of the guys but he has only been nice and polite to me.  He never denies a child an autograph.  “Fans” tend to be very rude to him. Joc Pederson and Corey Seager are two of the finest young men in the MLB.  You can’t believe everything that the press writes because they always like a good story. I won’t write anything unless I know it is true from firsthand knowledge.  I have tried not to get too attached to any of the players because I know they could be traded.  It is a business as everysone reminds me. Cases in point…Dee Gordon, Matt Kemp and Juan Uribe.  I was brokenhearted last year when Matt was traded.  I almost gave up my season tickets.  

This is my new phone case.  It’s similar to my other case except it includes Corey.  I still follow the Dodgers even in the offseason or as everyone tells me, there is no offseason for me.

There was a little earthquake yesterday evening with the epicenter in Riverside.  4.3. It was enough for my birds to jump off their perches and seek steady ground.  Smart guys.

It’s quiet on the trading front because of the New Year holiday coming up.  I expect it to heat up in January with several acquisitions.  I have my fingers crossed that they don’t give up too much.

As my friend Yoshiko says, “Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu”  which is Happy New Year in Japanese.  Hope we get all our Dodger dreams fulfilled in 2016.  I love you all.  Thanks for stopping by!!  Your support is what keeps me going!



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