Catching Up

The only news of the day involves the Yankees signing of Aroldis Chapman who is an all star closer. He almost was a Dodger a few weeks back but had too much baggage. I guess not too much to be a Yankee whose team seems to be much more high profile than the Dodgers. 

However the Dodgers are still lacking many important parts, one position remaining empty being second base. So maybe they are thinking of bringing Howie back?  

They also haven’t gotten a pitcher. Out of the free agent pool is Matt Latos. Please not!! An interesting option is Kenta Maeda whose 30 day posting expires Jan 8. He’s met with the Dodgers among other clubs. It’s always fun to have a Japanese pitcher. Still out there are Jose Fernandez who the Marlins put out there and did a “just kidding” trick and said never mind once before. It would cost number one prospect Corey Seager or Julio Urias. That would really make me angry when we had a good chance to get Greinke back if only they agreed to one more year!

It will be Spring Training soon. Fan Fest is  only one month away. The Dodgers may start the new year with a lot of holes. All the exciting players are signed. The owners seem to be the worst procrastinators waiting too long to make a decision.

I still have hopes for a good 2016 season. We still have Kershaw, Jansen, Gonzales, Kiké, Andre (so far), Crawford, Puig, Van Slyke. And we still have Corey as long as they don’t do the ridiculous and trade him. 

Thanks for stopping by.

It was a good Christmas and it will be a super New Year!


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