Merry Dodger Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!!  There is plenty to be happy about.  The above is my son and his wife portraying Joseph and Mary at a Christmas Eve play of the bIrth of Jesus.

  I’m spending Christmas with my sister and husband in San Clemente CA.  The sunset was amazing!  Thank you Jojo and Bruce.
The cats are all decked out in their Christmas finery.  Hobie is a little grumpy about being the elf.

Thank you to the Dodgers and the Premium Seating staff for the nice Nike Dodgers bag.

I want to thank everyone for reading my blog.  It makes it all worth while.  

There really isn’t any Dodger news to tell you about except that the owners still have a lot to do in the next couple of months to fill in the gaping holes.  Hopefully the new year will bring more arms.

Here’s a new addition, Evie, but not to the Dodgers, and we are all definitely happy.

Hope everyone has a great day with their families.  Thanks again for stopping by!  Talk to you soon.

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