This Week

There actually has been some trading this week.  The most interesting is the trade with the White Sox for Trayce Thompson, Frankie Montas, and Micah Johnson.  Dodgers traded Jose Peraza, Scott Schebler and Brandon Dixon.  The trade netted the Dodger’s #4, 8 and 16 top prospects.  I tend to think this is a setup for a trade for someone to replace Zack Greinke since that whole fiasco didn’t work out.

The bottom fell out of the acquisition of Iwakuma when he didn’t pass the physical and resigned with the Mariners.  That leaves Kershaw, Anderson, Wood and ???? We really don’t have a number 2 or 3 starting pitcher unless Ryu has an amazing recovery which no one predicts.  Urias and De Leon probably aren’t ready yet.  At least we do have amazing pitching prospects.  There is still talk about trading Corey Seager for a pitcher.  Corey played a huge part in the last part of the Dodger season and trading him would be another mistake.  Who would play short stop?  There really isn’t a backup plan if he is traded.

Returning Dodger coaches are Rick Honeycutt (pitching) and my favorite Steve Yeager (catching).  The other coaches are gone with the wind.  Of course since the Dodger owners are procrastinators, there weren’t many to pick from.  Oh well.  I think we Dodger fans are getting used to it by now.  We seem to get the leftover everything.  I get the feeling that Spring Training will roll around (getting closer and closer) and things will not yet be settled.  There are holes everywhere.  And then there are the usual Andre Ethier trade rumors.  That would be perfect after the great season he had.  Justin Turner, Kike Hernandez and Yaz Grandal all had surgeries so it’s hard to tell how they will be.  Hopefully they will be  ready for the season.  Interesting that Chase Utley was their choice to cover second base.  Turner will always have to be careful of those knees so he will be third base.  Again I lament losing Dee Gordon who was one of my favorites.

Since Christmas is fast approaching, I don’t anticipate any huge moves in the next few days but then again, who knows.  I seriously don’t think that the owners plan on winning anything this season and are looking forward to the future possibly in 2018.  Hopefully the Dodgers can at least win the Western Division but with the D Backs’ acquistions so far shoring up their offense and defense, it will be an uphill battle.  The Giants have strong pitching as well.  The Dodgers will most likely be rated at the most 3rd in the Division before the season begins.  

Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig are in Cuba as part of a goodwill tour.  It’s a typical Clayton Kershaw type of thing to do.  His enthusiasm goes past just playing baseball.  Clayton and his wife Ellen are deeply involved in charitable work focusing on the children.  For the Kershaws, it’s always about the children.  I have had the opportunity to actually talk to both  and am impressed with their commitment and their dedication.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully everyone is enjoying the holiday season.


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