Dodger fans were on the edge of their seats….well, kind of.  It’s the same old story that we have seen since the new owners have taken over.  We were expecting exciting things to happen.  It’s been one disappointment after another.  The winter meetings are over.  We didn’t get our beloved Zack Greinke back which was to me a killer of our dreams and hopes.

If they rated the teams now, I think the Dodgers would come in last.  Our starting pitchers are in shambles.  We have Clayton Kershaw.  OK.  And we have Clayton Kershaw…drumroll….!   Last season we knew we had Clayton and Zack which meant we could at least win two games.  We have Brett Anderson.  That’s not a big reassurance.  We have starting pitchers who may or not be ready when Spring Training starts:  Ryu and McCarthy.  Fingers crossed.  The owners spent a lot of time and energy trying to play Let’s Make a Deal for a closer when we already have Jansen.  I mean…really?  And then the sure acquisition came apart when domestic abuse allegations came to the surface.  Any team would try to get rid of even a stellar closer if that’s hanging over his head.

The Dodgers did get Chase Utley back.  So excited.  Not.  The acquisition of Iwakuma is interesting but he is 37.  That would be the age that Zack would be in the last year of the contract he wanted.  I always have liked the Japanese pitchers and was sad to see Kuroda go to the Yankees a couple of years ago. 

Everyone says to have patience because there are many months before Spring Training starts.  Did everyone notice how fast Christmas came this year.  The 2016 season will start with a team full of holes.  The D Backs didn’t wait.  They scooped up available pitchers to go along with their awesome offensive lineup.  The Dodgers will again need to fear Paul Goldschmidt.  When the dust settled all that’s basically left is Cueto.  And then there is Matt Latos.  Dodger fans are a bit tired of cybermetrics or whatever metrics the owners use because it simply is not working.  It’s always nice to sic the media on Don Mattingly since he is not one to fight back but he’s gone.  Find another scapegoat. 

Everyone wonders what I want for Christmas.  A starting pitcher that’s worth anything would be a good start.  We will probably end up with some leftovers that no one wants.  The owners stated that they didn’t want to give up our top prospects but rumors were rampant that they would give up our top prospects (Seager and Urias) for a pitcher that is not even as good as Greinke.  Come on guys.  He basically wanted just one more year.  No giving up any prospects.  And while the owners vetoed the extra year, our arch rivals the D Backs scooped him up.  I get the feeling that the D Backs will be rated number one in the west when the season starts.  They have everything now including Zack.  Meanwhile back in the ravine, the owners are wondering what the hell happened.  Spring is around the corner.

  I’m basically amusing myself with my techie gadgets since there is nothing going on in Dodger front.   Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my devices.  I finally got the Ipad Pro keyboard which I had to wait weeks for.  I noticed that the back of the Pro is left unprotected so I invested in a Skin-It skin.  I chose my favorite art piece Van Gogh’s Irises.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  Anyone who has any device that needs minimal protection, check Skin-It.   Easy to apply.  Easy to take off.  It did take my mind off the Dodgers for half a minute.
Thanks for stopping by.  Still waiting for some news.

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  1. Cari

    I feel the same way.I will miss Zack.He was my favorite but he wanted another year and it just came down to money.The Dodgers have 3 really good pitching prospects starting in Triple A and they could be ready ..It’s not hopeless.We will get there !

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