Waiting Too Long

Why does it seem like we always get the leftovers?  First of all, we didn’t give Zack Greinke the contract he wanted.  One more year!!!! Really?  Now we are stuck with attempting to get another less than great pitcher in Jose Fernandez from the Marlins and at what cost.  Zack would have cost money but he had the best all season performance of any pitcher in the major league.  He should have received the Cy Young, hands down, but who listens to the fans?  The price was not too steep.  Now the talk is that we would give away Joc, Corey Seager and Urias and two more prospects for one pitcher??  For a group who said they wanted to keep their farm system alive, it is strange that they would even consider giving up our best.  Are they planning on signing a lot of retreads and hope the fans don’t notice.

The big talk was the acquisiton of Aroldis Chapman from the Reds.  We need another closer?  Why the owners aren’t concentrating on a couple of starting pitchers instead is a mystery.  And why keep pursuing a player who is under investigation for domestic abuse?  Bullet holes in the garage do not lie.  Apparently Andrew Friedman who is the Dodgers president of baseball operations doesn’t care about how the players conduct their personal lives, whether they have arrests, DUI’s, prison records.  The Dodgers have always maintained a high standard and it’s sad if it changes now.

I try not to be critical but I’m losing my patience with the owners.  This may be my last year as a season ticket holder and possibly my last year following the Dodgers.  I had great hopes with the new management.  Then out went Mattingly who led the Dodgers to three Western Division titles.  Also most of the coaches are gone.  No one has said anything about Steve Yaeger yet but I figure he will be gone too.  Gone is Zack Greinke.  We have Brett Anderson coming back as the 4th starter.  That’s wonderful.  They also have resigned Chase Utley who faces a suspension when the season starts.  We really have no second baseman since Dee Gordon was traded last year.  That was a huge mistake.  The signings so far are players I didn’t even know existed.  I have a feeling it will be like it was going into the trade deadline:  another Matt Latos fiasco.  We’ll get the leftovers.  While other teams are making the big trades and acquisitions, the Dodger owners are sitting and waiting as they did at the trade deadline.  Hey…Matt Latos is still out there.  The D Backs besides signing our Zack Greinke have also signed Shelby Miller, another pitcher that the Dodgers were looking at.  I guess the owners were taking too long with window shopping and lost out yet again.

The ticket prices have gone up.  Most Dodger fans still can’t see their team on television.  Season ticket holders have had a lot of their extras taken away.  Prime ticket season ticket holders who pay from $10,500 to $250,000 a season can’t even get a complimentary yearbook as they have gotten every season.  We are told that we are actually investors.  So why doesn’t management have a town hall meeting with all their “investors” and ask what we want?? Parking has gone up.  The owners have done nothing to warrant any price increases.  It’s sad when we all had great hopes when we found out that Magic Johnson would be one of the owners.  He said one of their top priorities was to sign Zack again.  We all know how this has gone.

  One positive is the Mike Bolsinger official team jersey that I won at auction.  That rounds out my collection of Bolsinger items.  I have his Memorial Day jersey and his jacket.  Hopefully the owners don’t make me more angry and trade him.  
  Another positive in my life is an addition to our family.
  I’m still hoping for that World Series trophy sometime in my lifetime.  
When the dust all settles, I hope that we can pick ourselves up and actually have a decent season.  So far the Dodgers are in shambles and at this point are worse off than they were at this point last year.  It makes me very sad.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope I have better news next time.  Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  

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