Some Movement

Finally, there is some action in the Dodger camp.  Foremost, AJ Ellis accepted a $4.5 million contract for one year.  That is a smart move since Grandal is coming off shoulder surgery.  Yasmani had a less than stellar last couple of months during the season.  AJ took over as starting catcher and did an outstanding job.
The Dodgers also tendered contracts to Kenley Jansen, Chris Hatcher, Justin Turner, Yasmani Grandal, Luis Avilan and Scott Van Slyke.  Nicasio and Bonilla are free agents.
Non player hires include Neil Rampe who will be head athletic trainer who most recently was with the Dbacks.  Maybe he can keep try to prevent those hamstring injuries.  Astros’ Nate Lucero will be hired as assistant trainer.   An excellent choice is Bob Geren who will take over as bench coach.  He was formerly with the Mets. 

Where Gabe Kapler ends up is anyones guess but he is sure to be on the staff.
Zack Greinke needs to be on the top of Santa’s list.  I think that the owners will sign him since David Price is gone.  They have not signed anyone else who is demanding top dollar so they still have the money. 
I need to set aside time to offer my prayers and condolences to those families and victims of the senseless shooting in San Bernardino which is just down the freeway from me.  Please everyone do not blame all Muslims or group of people for what 2 people did.  It was definitely a plan since the couple used several assault rifles.  Why would anyone just have those items lying around the house.  It can’t just be work rage.  Why would anyone get that angry?  The sad thing is that the victims worked with disabled children and adults.  California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country but criminals are still able to acquire weapons.  There really is no answer to the problem.

Congratulations to Navy football with their national ranking of 23 according to one LA Times poll!  Considering that all the students at this school know they have a 5 year commitment to the Navy, this is no small feat. Quarterback Keenan Reynolds is on the voting page for the Heisman. So proud of them! Everyone knows my son is a graduate of the Naval Academy 2002 which really makes this meaningful. One of the highlights of my life was going to an Army Navy game in 20 degree weather!

Thank you Starbucks for the cookie.
And thank you everyone for stopping by.  I appreciate all your support.

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