Quiet on the Western Front

So far there has been nothing but rumors and guesses.  We all are hoping and supposing that the owners want Zack Greinke back.  It probably will be either Greinke or Price.  Greinke is the preference although Price is younger by a couple of years.  I personally hope that Zack will remain a Dodger.

Rumors are also rampant about Yasiel Puig.  Of course,  the incident last week didn’t help.  Dodgers owners have little patience with headlines like that even if the source was TMZ who tends to stretch the truth whenever it will make news.  I seriously doubt that Puig will be traded since it costs little to keep him.

Another interesting rumor is Joc Pederson for Shelby Miller.  I seriously think that we just need to be more patient with Joc.  He is still very young and needs a few adjustments in his swing.  After all he did do well in the All Star Homerun Derby.  Did we all forget that.  Dodger fans seem to have little patience for players who have a cold streak.  

I’ve read that the Dodgers need another outfielder.  That’s interesting.  The hunt is still on for a second baseman.  Now someone tell me again why we let Dee Gordon go.

I’ve noticed that no matter who owns the Dodgers, they seem to never sign anyone early.  Oftentimes they just sit and wait.  For example, when we needed another pitcher (so obvious), they sat and waited and got Matt Latos.  We all saw how that went.  He pretty much was bad news until he was finally released.  The Angels picked him up and also realized what a big mistake.  Thier picks to bolster the bullpen also was questionable.  They need to make a move and get Zack Greinke back and find some reliable arms for the bullpen.  They’re lucky I’m not in charge of  the treasury because I would have already made several moves.

I eagerly wait for some news about the Dodgers but it’s been extremely quiet.  The only positive move was the signing of Dave Roberts.  That seemed to take forever.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll try to keep everyone updated.  

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