TMZ As a Source

What has the world come to?  Now MLB is using TMZ as a source for information.  Breaking news yesterday according to TMZ who always reports everything accurately, is that Puig was in a big brawl at a nightclub which included several club employees.  The reports may result in domestic abuse charges by MLB against Puig because he shoved his sister during an argument.  Although charges were dropped or probably never were filed, this incident will be overblown, micro-examined because it does involve Puig.  And then every news source including the LA Times are quoting TMZ.  I mean, really??  Sorry Jessica.  Everyone needs to get their facts together before using TMZ as a source.  Usually TMZ has a lurid video to go with the reports but none have surfaced so who knows what really happened.  I’m sure TMZ is offering big bucks to anyone who can produce a phone video so some grainy questionable video will soon surface.

Yasiel has always been everyones bad boy.  Some compare him with Milton Bradly, another Dodger who always seemed to be in the news.  Puig, however, is much more talented.  He needs to stay under the radar because everyone has his eye on him.

  My experiences with Yasiel have only been good.  No matter what, he always stops and signs autographs even when he is in a hurry.  He always acknowledges me with “Hello Mama,” when many of the other players just run past the fans without even looking.  I know he isn’t the popular player on the team with the other Dodgers.  Juan Uribe seemed to be the person who kept everyone happy in the clubhouse.  His absence has made a big difference.  Everyone seems to just be waiting for Puig to make a mistake so I knew something would come up in the offseason.
Other news:  Dave Roberts becoming the new manager is awesome.  I have always liked him.  However I have a feeling that he will be everyones scapegoat if the Dodgers don’t do well.  Right now is in the honeymoon stage when they know him only as the swift-footed amiable Dodger he was way back in the early 2000’s when he played with fantastic Shawn Green.  (Everyone knows how much I love Shawn)

My dream is that Dave chooses Shawn as the new batting coach.  Please Dave!!!

Yesterday Justin Turner was signing autographs at the Top of the Park Store at Dodger Stadium.  I was planning on going but was too tired and stressed from work.  And then I was asking myself why would I go since I rarely get autographs anyway.  He had just autographed a ball for me for my friend’s sons anyway during the season.  Another drawing point was that the store was having a big sale.  I decided I have enough Dodger stuff to last me a lifetime.  That usually doesn’t stop me either.  The big reason that I would have gone was to see my friends who were planning on going.

Reports are that the Blue Jays have signed LHP J.A. Happ to a 3 year, $36 million deal.  That pretty much sets the stage for the other free agent pitchers, most importantly, Zack Greinke.  Come on Dodger owners, put out the money and offer Zack a huge deal that he can’t refuse.  Without him we don’t have a chance to win the World Series.  My fear is that the Giants will sign him and then the Dodgers will have to play against him.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday.  Please keep checking my blog.  I’ll write when I have anything to report.


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