Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day


 Saturday was Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day.
  It was a hot day but not as bad as I thought it would be.



 It always starts out with a long line when there is an event.  Of course since all season ticket holders + 3 guests were invited, there were thousands of people there.

 When I say thousands, I mean literally thousands.  They expected 5000 people there.

  The first thing I had to do was to make sure my seat was still there. 
 There was a line to get a picture taken.  Unlike other times when the event offered a picture on the field, you had to download it off the internet.  Usually they give you the picture right there in a nice folder.  I checked last night and this morning, but no pictures yet.

  There was a line for the walking tour.  It was literally just that.  There were no tour guides.  We just walked through.  It’s much more interesting to have someone give you a little info.
 I had never seen the visiting teams clubhouse so I found that part of the tour interesting.

 Somehow I felt like I was sitting in a prison when I sat in one of the cubicles.

 or maybe a high school gym locker room.

 Then someone said that they had remodeled the visitors clubhouse.  I’m glad of that because the accommodations were terrible.

  The hallways were a bit dismal.
  There are rules posted everywhere.
  In stark contrast, the dugout club looked inviting.
  It’s always interesting to look at all the awards the Dodgers have received over the years.
  And interesting all the awards they should have received.  I still think that Zack was robbed of the Cy Young this year.
  It is a no-no to photograph the inside of the Dodgers locker room.  This is all I could photograph.
  And this.
  This is the way to the workout room
  Here is the batting cage
  The Dodgers workout room
  Lots of protein drinks
  More protein drinks
  Here’s the interview room where the players are questioned by the media.  
  Not fun being in the hot seat I imagine.
 They had the door closed to the Dodgers bathroom.  It must have been especially gross.

  It’s always fun to sit in the dugout.  
We look like sisters.

 The bullpen

  The view of the field from the bullpen
  Not sure what this is but it looks like a torture device.  I think it helps the pitchers stretch.
  Looking up to the stands from the bullpen
  The left field pavilion from the field
  It was nice seeing Ryan and his Dad Robert.
 My seat from the field

  Batting practice and playing catch from the field was done with a mush ball which was my souvenir of the day.  I didn’t get anything to eat because I’m not used to having to pay for food.  I really didn’t want to buy a Dodger dog for $5.50.  Seriously.
  The line for autographs was ridiculously long.  
  I was told I couldn’t even take a picture of Tommy unless I stood in line.  Being noncompliant, I took a picture anyway.  On the right of Tommy is Al Ferrara.  I was afraid they would kick me out for this indiscretion.  For my blog, I took the chance.
  My Dodger friends
It was nice seeing my friend Yoshiko and her wonderful family.

 It was a nice get-to-gether for families.

  I think this was the main purpose of the event.
The news of the day was the imminent announcement of Dave Roberts as the new Dodger manager.  I am surprised that Gabe Kapler wasn’t picked since he seems to be more into the philosophy of the owners.  I figure it won’t be long after the season starts that there will be Dave Roberts haters as there were Mattingly haters.  Dave’s main experience is as a player.  His only real managing experience is as a bench coach.  I myself am happy with his selection. I liked him as a Dodger and was sorry to see him traded.

I still have hopes that Zack Greinke will be given what he wants so he can return.  The management seems to be reluctant to make any decisions until the dust settles with the other teams.  Hopefully they step up and get Greinke before the Giants make a big move.  I would hate to see him on the opposing team.

  I really love Zack.
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope everyone is having a good off season.  It was so nice seeing my friends again.  I am dreaming of Spring Training and the new season.  See everyone soon.





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