So Far This Offseason

  So far nothing has happened.  Other teams have traded or acquired new players but the Dodgers have been pretty much quiet.  This seems to be the way it is with the new owners.  There still is no manager which leaves things unsettled.
So many critics of Donnie Mattingly!  And yet he came in third as far as his managerial skills went, the number one spot going to Joel Maddon, the skipper of the Cubs.  I seem to think that whoever goes furthest in that type of voting depends on how far the team goes in post season.  For example who would argue the year that Matt Kemp was robbed of MVP a couple of years ago when he had a better year than anyone else on earth!!  I’m still unhappy about that injustice.  And later on it turned out Ryan Braun who did get the MVP used drugs.  The only exception to that rule is our Clayton Kershaw who is Clayton Kershaw who will be a legend before it’s all over.  It doesn’t matter how the Dodgers do, if he has a typical Kershaw type of year, he is sure to get the Cy Young.

And on to my anger that Zack Greinke didn’t get the Cy Young award this year.  He was totally robbed as 99% of people I have asked will agree.  I haven’t asked just Dodger fans either.  I have actually asked some Cubs fans.  Granted Jake Arrieta had a good last half but Zack did superb the ENTIRE YEAR!   It must be like the Academy Awards.  The voters only remember the movies from the last couple of months.  Zack had the best year of his entire career.  He even won the Golden Glove for his superior fielding.  He was probably the best athlete in the MLB last year.  Arrieta did well but he is no Zack Greinke.  

Poor Dodgers always seem to get shafted.  Umpires never give them a fair shake.  I have seen so many unfair calls this past season that I have an anger to all those umpires.  The strike zone always seems to favor the opposing team.  Most of the inside or outside corner strikes are called balls.  So what if the Dodgers have a luxury tax type of payroll??  Let’s all be fair.  And when they have those plays that are reviewed by those guys in New York, COME ON!!!!  Let’s have those plays reviewed in the midwest or the south or wherever because the Dodgers never ever get a fair shake.

  I always look at these guys and wonder how they will screw the Dodgers and inevitably they do.  It can be so freaking frustrating.
  I keep hoping that the owners wise up and sign this guy and give him whatever he wants or the Dodgers have no chance next season.
  Brett Anderson will be back since he accepted the Dodgers offer.  He will be a satisfactory third pitcher.  We need Zack back as the second pitcher.  Everyone agrees that Zack does well with Kershaw being the cattle prod that makes him better.  Zack does well when he is not in the spotlight.  Whoever pitches with Kershaw will surely never be the number one ace.  He will always be the co-ace which suits Zack well.
  Hopefully Justin heals well from his surgery.  His knees are problematic.  That leaves a glaring spot at third when Justin gets injured again.
 And Kike surprised us all when it was announced that he also needed surgery.  I think that our guys were the walking wounded at the end of the season.


 Howie Kendrick is a free agent which leaves second base glaringly empty.  Too bad the bosses decided to trade young, exciting, FAST, award winning second baseman Dee Gordon for a one year deal.  That trade will always be a point of controversy, especially with me.

  And first base coach Davy Lopes is gone in the wind.  That’s another unintelligent move.
  What I would give to have Clayton and Zack back together next season!!! The owners seem to love breaking up a good team.  Harmony in the clubhouse is important.    When Juan Uribe was traded, it seemed that the happiness and comraderie was compromised.  It’s not all about cybermetrics or whatever the owners like to use.
The final choice for manager will be made soon.  I think that the new manager will be Gabe Kapler.  He is obviously a representative of the new owners and probably will follow their computer model.  I personally like Dave Roberts.  I hope the owners somehow keep him on as possibly a bench coach.

I will be going to an event at Dodger Stadium for season ticket holders on Sunday.  It should be fun.  It includes batting practice for whoever wants to try, a tour of the stadium, pictures, etc.  I’m looking forward to seeing the stadium again and a chance to see my Dodger friends again.  I’ll be sure to take pictures and share with you.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let’s hope that the owners start figuring out some smart acquistions starting with Zack!!


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